Time: 18 - 20 May 2009
Venue: Clarion Hotel Stavanger


Monday 18 May


Ontology-based data integration
Ontology based data integration
Diego Calvanese, Professor, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, and Guiseppe de Giacomo, Professor, University of Rome, Italy

Enterprise architecture frameworks with semantic models as a foundation for complex networked operations
Enterprise architecture, TOGAF, UPDM
Information and ontology modelling
Process modelling
Service modelling and interoperability
Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF, Dima Panfilenko, Scientific Assistant, DFKI, Germany and Ulf Larsson, Enterprise Architect, National air traffic center (Luftfartsverket), Sweden

Tuesday 19 May

Session 1 Keynotes session: Semantic technologies – Needs and solutions

Chair: Nils Sandsmark, General Manager, PCA

Integrated Operations Generation 2 - Potential and opportunities for the oil and gas industry
Richard Sagli, Project Manager, StatoilHydro
Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) and linked data
Thomas Baker, Kompetenzzentrum Interoperable Metadaten (KIM), Germany / Co-chair, W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group
The experience of Web 2.0 Communications and collaboration tools in a global enterprise - The road to 3.0
Rich Gore, Senior IT Manager, Cisco IT, USA
Semantic interoperability for public administrations in Europe – Challenges and solutions
Klaus Reichling, Advisor, IDABC, EU Commission, Belgium
Norwegian experience with meeting public sector interoperability requirements
Kristian Bergem, Senior Adviser, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

Session 2: Applications of semantic technology

Chair: Terje Aaberge, Researcher, Western Norway Research Institute

Towards an ontology-driven enhanced oil recovery decision support system
Emilio Núñez, Assistant Director for Research Relations, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Ontologies for geological CO,,2,, storage studies
Jean-Francois Rainaud, Dr., Institut Francais du Pétrole, France
The semantic web promises a smarter electicity grid
Dominique Gabioud, Professor, University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland
Unleashing the power of ontologies in information integration
Diego Calvanese, Associate Professor, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Session 3: Ontology tools

Chair: Jon Atle Gulla, Professor, NTNU

Methods and tools for semi-automatic ontology engineering
Johanna Völker, Research Associate, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
QuOnto: Ontology-based data access and integration using relational technology
Guiseppe de Giacomo, Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Advanced geotemporal reasoning in RDF
Michael Wessel, Dr., Racer Systems, Germany
Semantic annotation for web services and their relevance to environmental models
Dumitru Roman, Senior Researcher, Semantic Technologies Institute (STI)/University of Innsbruck, Austria
Systems interoperability through use of semantic technologies
Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF

Wednesday 20 May

Session 4: Interoperability and information quality

Chair: Tor Arne Irgens, Commander Senior Grade, Norwegian Defence

Will ISO 9000 be enough to ensure semantic quality?
Knut Anderssen, Dr. Ing., DNV
Information management for interoperability in European air traffic control
Ulf Larsson, Enterprise Architect, National air traffic center (Luftfartsverket), Sweden
Semantic !MyPage
Kjetil Helberg, Senior Adviser, The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, and Steinar Skagemo, Adviser, The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment
Best practices for archive interoperability using semantic standards
Robert H. P. Engels, Dr., ESIS Norge and Western Norway Research Institute

Session 5: IT architecture for networked organizations

Chair: Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF

Supporting intelligent and automated integrated operations with agent technologies in a services architecture
Einar Landre, Specialist, StatoilHydro
SERES metadata repository - Now! - and long term goals
David Norheim, Principal Engineer, Computas, and Geir Jevne, Group Leader, DNV/SERES
IT architecture for supporting semantic interoperability through use of semantic annotations
Stelios Pantelopoulos, Head of European Projects Department, Singular Logic, Greece
Semantic methods for the preservation and interpretation of information over time
Per Myrseth, Principal Researcher, DNV Research & innovation

Session 6: Semantic technology for IO Generation 2

Chair: Arild Waaler, Professor, University of Oslo

Best practices in collaborative ontology engineering
Daniel Oberle, Senior Researcher, SAP Research, CEC Karlsruhe, Germany
Applying ISO 15926 to drilling control systems
Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen, Post Doctor, University of Stavanger
Model-driven integration architecture for IO G2 information - Reference semantic model alignment to ISO 15926
Frode Myren, Executive IT Architect, IBM, Udo Pletat, Dr., Senior Certified IT Specialist, IBM, and Johan Wilhelm Klüwer, Principal Specialist, DNV Energy

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