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The Geometry SIG team has released draft documents for review providing the details of the ISO 15926 Part 7 Templates to be used for Geometry exchange with initial focus on 2D geometry. The two documents to be reviewed are Details of the ISO 15926 templates used for Geometry exchange and Geometry Template Signatures in Spreadsheet format. The Geometry SIG team would like to get feedback from the broader ISO 15926 community and implementers interested in Geometry Reference Data. We are requesting timely review of these documents and would like to receive all comments by December 5, 2012. We would like to encourage more participants to get involved as the Geometry SIG team will continue to collaborate with the IIP, Proteus, and JORD teams to finalize the templates required for the complete P&ID representation and move on to 3D geometry for process plants. Please provide your input on these documents on the Geometry SIG discussion forum at


The Geometry SIG discussion forum can be found at



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