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PCA Drilling & Completions SIG Meeting April 23th 2009

SIG Meeting held at DNV - Høvik


Jens Ingvald Ornæs (NOV), Kirsti Eikeland (DNV), Johan Kluewer (DNV), Thore Langeland (OLF), Robert Ewald (NOV), Angar Aamodt (NTNU), Kari Anne Thorsen (UiO), Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk (UiO), Inge Svensson (Baker Hughes), Pål Rylandsholm (DNV), Nils Sandsmark (PCA), Arild Waaler (UiO), Lars Overå (UiO)


Agenda SIG Meeting April 23th 2009

Minutes of Meetings

  1. Short presentation of the attendees.
  1. Presentation of the objectives for the session:
    • How to work with Daily Drilling Report related definitions in the RDL
    • What work process applies.
  1. Presentation by Pål Rylandsholm: Outline of the meeting + Presentation of reference data for the Daily Drilling Report Presentation
  1. Presentation by Johan Kluewer: Proposed process for ontology development based on ISO15926 Presentation
  1. Presentation by Kirsti Eikeland: RDS Operations Presentation

  1. We will use spreadsheets for working with the Daily Drilling Report reference data. DNV will make this dictionary available in a spreadsheet for the SIG to start working on. The Spreadsheet will be placed in subversion - and will thus be under revision control.
    • Action: Ticket #192.
  1. As a demo to be performed during the next SIG meeting, a class that needs to be updated - either references to super-classes, or other change will be identified, and the proper update in the spreadsheet will be done.
    • Action: Ticket #193.
  1. Next Meeting: Will be over the summer. Date to be set before summer.
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