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Daily Drilling Report (DDR)

From February 1, 2008, the DDR Schema is the required format for reporting to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD). See NPD's relevant webpage for more and updated information.

Schemata are available for download or reference as indicated in the following table:

VersionInternal Version Online VersionExampleEffective From

Presentation and examples

By using the XML Stylesheet WITSML_drillReport_npd_profiled.xsl you can transform this XML Example DDR Report to this HTML more readable form. Please inspect the links to see what they are, and reuse directly or as basis for your own version, - in order to make reports that is suitable for you or people with other roles in your company!

History and Origin

The schema was first developed through the IIP project, represented by Capgemini, Energistics, and DNV. This solution has been successfully tested by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate together with StatoilHydro and ConocoPhillips.

Ongoing work

The DDR working group have a collaboration area set up on the PCA Trac: DDR collaboration area. The collaboration area is partly open for reading to everyone.

Read project report.

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