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PCA Drilling & Completions SIG Meeting April 8th 2008

SIG Meeting held at OLF


Kari Anne Thorsen -UiS, Odd Frode Torbjørnsen -Cap Gemini/UiS, Arnt Vegard Espeland, -Cap Gemini, Robert Ewald -National Oilwell Varco, Inge Svensson -Baker Hughes, Pål Rylandsholm -DNV, Øystein Hult -TracID, Thore Langeland -OLF, Henning Jansen -National Oilwell Varco


Agenda SIG Meeting April 8th 2008

Minutes of Meetings

  1. The group welcomes new participant, Baker Hughes representative Inge Svensson.
  1. Presentation of TracID and the work done on a SigDcDrillpipeInspectionReport ontology (Øystein Hult -TracID). The group discusses the road ahead for the Drillpipe Inspection Report work. A XML exchange format needs to be produced, and Energistics should be invited to participate.
  1. Presentation of Workshop December 2007 where XSD basic datatypes mapping to ISO15926 where presented. (Kari Anne Thorsen -UiS). The conclusions from the workshop is necessary to achieve progress on mapping basic WITSML types to ISO15926. Kari Anne will publish the report in June as part of the PhD prepared at UiS.
  1. Presentation of the Daily Drilling Report, Arnt Vegard -Cap Gemini. The project was described for the group, and a proposed way ahead which includes a more generic Partner reporting (as opposed to the current NPD profile) was discussed. Energistics is expected to make a statement regarding the opinion of this project, and if there is interests in proceeding with the more generic scope.
  1. Presentation of intermediate results from the SAWSDL master thesis from Odd Frode Torbjørnsen -UiS/Cap Gemini. The group expects to see a follow up on the final result (and demo?) in a future meeting.
  1. Presentation of project IOHN - Integrated Operation in the High North, Pål Rylandsholm -DNV. This project is the main driver behind a significant part of the ontology work for the next 4 years, and will include work on Drilling, Operations & Maintenance, Production, Subsea equipemtn etc.
  1. SIG work items 2008:
    1. IOHN - ontology engineering with IOHN activities.
    2. TracID, next phase, XML Schema coordination with OLF Epim and Energistics(?), maintain and expand existing set of ontology.
    3. SAWSDL, follow up on pilot from Odd Frode.
    4. Daily Drilling Report, next phase, Partner reporting. Is there interest in a next phase with Energistics and OLF EPIM?
    5. Present Daily Drilling Reporting for Energistics and the WITSML SIG - (next meeting in May).
    6. Participate in creating a workspace for maintenance of the Daily Drilling Reporting standard
    7. Propose a new training session on ISO-15926 for SIG members, focused more on data mapping in Part 4 and the structures in Part 2 of ISO-15026
  1. Action Items:
    1. Thore L; TrackID, next phase (XML Schema), to propose project for EPIM group
    2. Thore L; Daily Drilling Reporting, workspace for maintenance of project files etc.
    3. Henning J; prepare PCA SIG document, coordinate with SIG MMT
    4. Henning J; upload IIP Excel spreadsheets (WITSML mapping, work-in-progress) to PCA SIG WIKI
    5. Thore L, Henning J; koordinate SIG participation on OFL IO conference in May.
  1. Any other business:
    • With a new member present today, the goal of recruiting to the group in 2008 is somewhat promising.
    • Invitation for the meeting was sent to BP, Energistics, StatoilHydro and ConocoPhilips. We hope to see participation from these companies in the upcoming meetings.
    • Henning is leaving his position in NOV in June, and will not continue to Chair the PCA SIG Drilling and Completion Ontology. Volunteers?
  1. Next Meeting: no date settled.
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