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Your objective is to replace the "Little Red Parallelogram" in one of the previous diagrams with a full ISO 15926 façade.

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Figure 1 - A Full ISO 15926 Façade

Team Members

There are a number of roles to be filled. In theory, they can all be filled by one person. Alternatively, if the project is large enough, one role can be split between several people.

Subject Matter Expert

This is the person who knows what your business does. He will work primarily as a resource for the Information Modeler to give context to all the terminology and plant objects. For instance, the word pressure will show up in many places. An experienced process engineer, through experience, will know all the subtle differences that need to be understood.

  • If your organization is a refinery or petrochemical plant, it should be a process engineer, or someone who knows a great deal about all of the chemical and physical processes, and all of the equipment.
  • If your organization is an EPC, this person should be familiar with all of your work processes, and have an understanding of all engineering disciplines.

Information Modeler

This person will learn ISO 15926 methodology in information modeling. She will work with the Subject Matter Expert modeling all the plant objects and terminology.

Application Configurator

This person will need to know how to set up web services and how to create a database.

Project Manager

This is a typical project manager role. It will be helpful to have some prior exposure to computer programming projects.





Download the Tools

These tools will be available May 29th, 2009

  • iRING Web Service Protocol Specification
  • Part 7 QXF Representation
  • iRING Transformation Adapter
  • iRING Web Service Façade
  • iRING Transformation Map & Validation
  • iRING Mapping Editor
  • RDS/WIP Browser & Editor
  • Web Service




Thanks to Robin Benjamins for the drawing Figure 1 is based on.


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