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Practical Guide to ISO 16927 Modeling

ISO 15926 Modeling

To exchange information using ISO 15926, it has to be modeled according to the data model in Part 2.

To make it easier for industry professionals to use Part 2, the concept of templates—which are like building blocks for information—was developed as Part 7. Although physically similar to mapping two databases together with a spreadsheet (basically, you just enter the name of the template instead of an attribute name) modeling with Part 7 is sufficiently different conceptually that it was becoming a barrier to the wide acceptance of ISO 15926.

A working group was formed to remedy this with a guide for modeling using Part 7. The deliverable was a manual describing how to use templates, in language that industry professionals can understand. A good part of this will overlap with JORD, in that using an RDL is part of using templates. It is available from the iRING Users Group website.

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This starts with definitions and introduces you to modeling, with an introduction to Part 2.

An Introduction to ISO 15926

An Introduction to ISO 15926

An Introduction to ISO 15926 was developed by Fiatech in cooperation with the POSC Caesar Association

It provides a basic understanding of ISO 15926 to the beginning user of the standard; it is not a technical how-to manual.

The collaborative effort provides information on the history of the standard, how it achieves interoperability, recent use in production environments, and recommendations on how to get started.

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