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RDS/WIP Project

Project planning, resourcing and scheduling information for the RDS/WIP.


The RDS/WIP 2.0 is a plan to fold the functionality of the three databases in the RDS/WIP 1.0 (detailed below) into a single triplestore. The idea behind this is to eliminate redundancy and complexity, primarily to rein in the costs of development, deployment and maintenance.


The RDS/WIP 2.0 is an unratified plan at this stage - it exists as a concept without any official resourcing or agreement.


Some specific requirements for the 2.0 release:

There is a table covering the unimplemented requirements for both the RDS/WIP 1.0 and 2.0 on the RdsWipRequirementsTable page.


The RdsWipTwoPlan page covers initial thoughts about the goals, general design and resourcing of the new service.


The current RDS/WIP is available via a number of different access methods.

The thin-client launch page is here::

SPARQL endpoints are listed here::


Please note that the SPARQL endpoints and their contents are purely experimental.


While this RDS/WIP is currently available, it is not "fully deployed" in that the endpoints do not yet match the allocated endpoints and there are some deployment modifications required to get reasonable performance from the triplestore.

There is no bulk or automated upload feature planned for RDS/WIP 1.0.


The RDS/WIP 1.0 is a complex deployment consisting of three separate databases:

  • Brutus - the RDS implemented as an EXPRESS database.
  • Tarcus - a relational representation of classes and templates from Brutus in SQL Server, with a .NET based thin-client front-end.
  • An un-named triplestore that represents the Tarcus as OWL/RDF using PHP, PECL, ADODB and RAP componentry over a SQL Server database.

Tarcus is accessible via a thin client, whereas the triplestore is accessible via the SPARQL service endpoints.


The RdsWipOnePlan page covers some discussion about additional short term measures to bring the 1.0 service to the level where it meets our external obligations.


Julian Bourne is currently acting as the project lead for the RDS/WIP.


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