RDS/WIP 1.0 General Use Cases

This is a quick page outlining the general use cases for the RDS/WIP 1.0, as simple sequences of typical events.

ISO 15926 parts 2 and 4 publication

This process will be necessary to bootstrap the server with some useful data and definitions.

  • IRM staff export Brutus contents to an XML file and transform it to internal OWL.
  • The internal OWL/RDF is transformed into external OWL via some as yet undefined process (will be created collaboratively as part of RDS/WIP 1.0 project).
  • The external OWL/RDF is published to the RDS/WIP server using the triplestore manager tool.
  • The data is now available to the public via SPARQL and via the Web Browser as an the output of the XSLT presentation layer on the server.

Ad-Hoc RDF Submission

Sometimes IDS-ADI might agree to publish a raw RDF to the RDS/WIP for the purpose of publication and future harmonization with ISO 15926. The process could work like this:

  • Submitter identifies or creates definitions of shareable concepts.
  • Submitter packages definitions in RDF for publication on an RDS/WIP endpoint (not ISO 15926).
  • Submitter provides package to IDS-ADI.
  • IDS-ADI personnel use the triplestore manager tool to (optionally create a new data set) and upload the RDF data to the server.
  • IDS-ADI notify submitter of availability.
  • Public can now access definitions using SPARQL clients or download the whole data set.
  • Note: not available via web browser presentation layer since it is not ISO 15926.

New ISO 15926 Definitions

For the RDS/WIP 1.0, the fastest path to uploading new ISO 15926 definitions will be via Brutus.

This can be done either by directly entering into Brutus using the existing editor (for small submissions) or by bulk loading submissions in SC4 CSV format. The former use case is addressed above and the latter use case is addressed on its own page (follow the link).

New Definitions in ISO 15926 Form

Its possible that we might have new definitions that are ISO 15926 compliant but not intended to be part of ISO 15926 - people just want to publish them on the WIP and use the presentation layer for displaying them. Maybe they will go through validation later, maybe not. The process to tackle this use case is below:

  • Submitter identifies shareable concepts and creates ISO 15926 definitions in external OWL.
  • Submitter passes OWL/RDF to IDS-ADI.
  • IDS-ADI personnel identify (and optionally create) an endpoint and upload the definitions to the RDS/WIP using the triplestore manager tool.
  • IDS-ADI personnel notify the submitter.
  • The definitions are now available via SPARQL and via the web browser presentation layer (because they are ISO 15926 OWL/RDF).
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