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    11= JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) Project = 
    22= Phase F (Front End) Completion Report and Current Status = 
    3 '' Note that this page focusses on the initial announcement and Phase F planning activities. Now that Phase F is complete, this page is no longer updated. Please refer to [ the ongoing JORD overview page]''.'''' 
     3'' Note that this page focusses on the initial announcement and Phase F planning activities. Now that Phase F is complete, this page is no longer updated. Please refer to [ the ongoing JORD overview page]''.''''''' 
    55'' January 26th, 2011'' 
    5353[[ Return to JORD Homepage]] 
    55 = PCA & FIATECH Announce JORD - Joint Operational Reference Data = 
    56 ''AUSTIN, TX and OSLO, Norway, February 24th, 2010'' 
    58 POSC Caesar Association (PCA) and FIATECH have agreed on a single “Joint  Operational Reference Data” project plan to create in 2010 a stable,  scalable and commercially-viable operation of the ISO15926 reference data  system and associated services. 
    60 Boards of both member organizations have already agreed funding for the  front-end phase to start in March, with a governance board and project  manager already in place. 
    62 A key deliverable of this phase is the business model for the remainder of  the investment project and the sustainable longer term operation, providing  industry with free access to reference data in perpetuity. Existing and new  members will be able to provide further investment in the implementation  phases in the remainder of 2010. 
    64 “So much of what ISO15926 promises is already proven, and what industry now  demands is a flexible, scalable and sustainable reference data operation on  which business interoperability can depend. This joint FIATECH and PCA  project will deliver that operation,” explains Ric Jackson, Director,  FIATECH. 
    66 Nils Sandsmark, General Manager, PCA adds “the existing PCA reference data  system and services have been developed over many years and were declared  operational in 2009. PCA welcomes this opportunity to work with FIATECH to  extend the global reach and scope of the joint reference data operation.” 
    68 “Come and see for yourself and share your expectations with us in ISO15926  workshops at the upcoming conferences,” adds Ian Glendinning, Joint Project  Manager. 
    70  * !DigitalPlant Conference, Houston, TX  <> (1st to 3rd March), 
    71  * PCA Members Conference, Houston, TX  <> (4th March), and 
    72  * FIATECH 2010 Technology Conference & Showcase, Austin, TX <> (29th to 31st March) 
    74 For more information contact Ian Glendinning (`[email protected]`) 
    76 ISO15926 – provides unambiguous shared reference data that enables  interoperability across disparate business and technical systems throughout  the whole energy and capital facilities industries life cycles. Reference  data comprises content as a Reference Data Library (RDL) that is an  extensible Work-in-Progress (WIP), enabled and supported by Reference Data  Services (RDS). That reference data ranges from basic dictionary terms to  sophisticated information usage patterns supporting the most advanced  semantic web uses as well as simple file exchanges. 
    78 POSC Caesar Association - PCA started as a Norwegian R&D project in 1993 to  develop open standards for information integration and interoperability and  became the international PCA members association in 1997. Having created  ISO15926, it continues to support its development and use, and currently  operates the PCA Reference Data Service. See  <> 
    80 FIATECH - is an industry consortium that provides global leadership in  identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment  of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest  business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects.  See <> 
    82 Ends 
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