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JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) Project

Phase F (Front End) Completion Report and Current Status

Note that this page focusses on the initial announcement and Phase F planning activities. Now that Phase F is complete, this page is no longer updated. Please refer to the ongoing JORD overview page.

January 26th, 2011

The prospectus inviting sponsorship and subscriber participation was circulated to all members of PCA & FIATECH in late 2010.

LATEST UPDATE A full copy is publicly accessible here : Please review and respond to the invitation.

November 16th, 2010

Phase F completed in Summer 2010 and both the JORD Project Business Definition and the JORD Sponsorship Prospectus have been issued to the JORD Steering Group, and the boards of both PCA and FIATECH.

The project is currently in an interim phase awaiting agreement to funding of Phase 1 with a projected start date early in 2011. If you have an interest in the project deliverables or are interested in being a project sponsor, please request copies of the project definition and/or sponsorship prospectus.

Contacts :

  • Ian Glendinning JORD Project Manager (ian [at] glencois [dot] com );
  • Nils Sandsmark PCA General Manager ( nils [dot] sandsmark [at] posccaesar [dot] org );
  • Ray Topping FIATECH Director ( raytopping [at] comcast [dot] net ).

Phase F (Front-End) - Update / Mid-Term Report

June 9th, 2010


This report is created some weeks before the conclusion of Phase-F in order to appraise PCA & FIATECH members and other interested parties on progress and on expectations for project deliverables and future phases.

(The agreed high-level plan and earlier public announcement are applicable.)

Status & Deliverables

JORD project Phase F is well advanced, currently expected to complete in July 2010.

(High-level planning during 2009 originally intended that Phase F would be executed during 1Q10, but agreement to proceed was not achieved until 1st March 2010.)

Deliverables are detailed scopes, specifications and plans for Phases 1 & 2 and ongoing operation, and the transition to a sustainable, scalable future operation.

Also recognized at the outset was the importance of business-model considerations, and much of the effort in Phase F focused on the long term core business operational requirements. Essentially, when asking prospective members and participants to sponsor the remaining development project and subscribe to the ongoing operation, the key questions are:

“Before I commit to sponsor or subscribe, how is this going to be reliable, sustainable and scalable in support of my own business needs and investments in the long term?”

"If I do sponsor the establishment of the enhanced operation, what specifically do I get for my investment that is different from any future subscriber to the service?"

There are therefore two supporting deliverables in Phase F:

  • The Business-Model - describing the sustained organization, resources and funding, as well as governance aspects. This necessarily includes forecast costs and market sensitivity aspects.
  • The Prospectus - an invitation to participate, through funding (project sponsorship, operational subscriptions and other fees), through resources or as a supplier of tools and services. This prospectus will describe specifically what is being proposed and will address other possibilities and considerations through FAQ’s.


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