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Case Studies

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  1. Abstract
  2. Participating in an iRING Demonstration
    1. Digital Plant Conference 2010
  3. Owner/Operator Case Studies
    1. Case Study 1996-01
    2. Case Study 1998-01
    3. Case Study 2003-01
    4. Case Study Next
  4. EPC Case Studies
    1. EPC Case #1
    2. Another One
  5. Equipment Manufacturer Case Studies
    1. OEM Case Study #1
    2. Another One
  6. Software Developer Case Studies
    1. AVEVA
    2. Bentley Systems
    3. Intergraph
    4. Another One


[Enter abstract]

Participating in an iRING Demonstration

iRING is the brand name of some open source software tools that implement ISO 15926 parts 6, 7, 8, 9.

Digital Plant Conference 2010

The demonstration of iRING at the 2010 Digital Plant Conference is the second public demonstration of this open-source software. This case study documents the process.

Owner/Operator Case Studies

These case studies focus on the information asset that was developed along with the physical plant. Emphasis is on how much of the information asset used ISO 15926 and which parts.

Case Study 1996-01

Project Description

  • 6.6 million metric tonne per annum (mmtpa) LNG plant.
  • Located in the Middle East.
  • Owned by a consortium of multinational oil companies and local government.
  • Detailed engineering started in 1996.
  • Data warehouse development started in 1997.

Case Study 1998-01

Project Description

  • Offsore Natural Gas platform.
  • Located in the Philippines.
  • Gas field.
    • 3,000 meters below sea level.
    • 2.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
    • 85 million barrels of condensate.
  • Detail engineering started 1998.

Case Study 2003-01

Project Description

  • $4.3 billion Petrochemical Complex.
  • Located in mainland China near Hong Kong.
  • Products: styrene, propylene, ethylene and derivatives.
  • Detail engineering started 2003.

Case Study Next

Project Description

  • Detail engineering started ???.
  • ?

EPC Case Studies

EPC Case #1

Company Description

  • Large Multinational EPC.
  • Has completed some of the world's largest projects.

ISO 15926 Implementation

  • Struggled internally with the same issues that lead to ISO 15926.
  • Major proponent today of the public acceptance of ISO 15926.

Another One

Company Description

  • ?
  • ?

Equipment Manufacturer Case Studies

OEM Case Study #1

Company Description

  • One of the largest industrial instrument suppliers world-wide.

ISO 15926 Implementation

  • Implementing ISO 15926 to eliminate the overhead of having to agree on terminology with customers at the beginning of new projects.

Another One

Project Description

  • ?
  • ?

Software Developer Case Studies


Aveva Interoperabilitiy Strategy

Meeting POSC/Caeser
Location Kuala Lumpor
Date August 20, 2008

Bentley Systems

ISO 15926 for Bentley

Meeting POSC/Caeser
Location ?
Date ?


Standards-Based Interoperability, ISO15926 Tactical Update

Location Kuala Lumpor
Date September, 2008

Another One

Application Description

  • ?
  • ?


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