Owner/Operator Case Studies: 2003-01

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  1. Case Study 2003-01
  2. Project Description
  3. Owner Requirements
  4. Business Case
  5. Scope
  6. Developing the Information Asset
  7. Project Execution Summary
  8. Significance of this Project to ISO 15926
  9. Project Execution
    1. Resources
    2. Training Required
    3. Step One
    4. Step Two

Case Study 2003-01

Project Description

  • $4.3 billion Petrochemical Complex
  • Located in mainland China near Hong Kong
  • Products: styrene, propylene, ethylene and derivatives
  • Detail engineering started 2003.

Owner Requirements

  • A data warehouse to collect information from EPCs, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Data warehouse to be standardized against ISO 15926.
  • Web-based interface for access to data warehouse.
  • Integration with SAP Plant Management Module.
  • Integration with commercial document management system which was used by all participants.

Business Case

  • Easy access to plant information by personnel.


  • Engineering documents in their native format:
    • 3D models
    • 2D models
    • Data sheets
  • Supplier documents contained in the document management system.

Developing the Information Asset

The development here was an integration layer between the web-based user interface and the documents contained in the commercial document management system. A number of tools were used:

  • One tool was used to map objects in the 2D and 3D systems against ISO 15926.
  • Another tool took the information from the 3D models and integrated it with the web-based user interface.

A major part of the work was classifying objects against their type.

  • ...

Project Execution Summary


  • People
    • one, two, three?
  • ...
  • Hardware
    • anything special?
  • Databases
    • Microsoft Access database to validate information handover.
    • Commercial database for data warehouse.


  • ?

Q. Ian. Please comment.

Significance of this Project to ISO 15926

  • ...
  • ...

Project Execution


  • People
    • one
    • two
    • three
    • ...
  • Hardware
    • ?
  • Databases
    • ?

Training Required

  • ?

Step One

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Step Two

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