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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3        elementFormDefault="qualified"
4        attributeFormDefault="unqualified"
5        targetNamespace=""
6        xmlns:witsml=""
7        xmlns:xsd=""
8        version="1.3.1">
9   <!--                                                                                -->
10   <!-- Energistics License Agreement                                                  -->
11   <!-- This file is distributed under the Energistics License Agreement at            -->
12   <!--                                       -->
13   <!-- Use of this file constitutes agreement with the Energistics License Agreement. -->
14   <!--                                                                                -->
15   <xsd:attributeGroup name="attgrp_uid">
16      <xsd:attribute name="uid" type="witsml:uidString" use="optional">
17         <xsd:annotation>
18            <xsd:documentation>The unique identifier of a container element. This attribute is generally required within the context of a WITSML server. There should be no
19            assumption as to the semantic content of this attribute. This should only be used with recurring container types (i.e., maxOccurs greater than one). The value is only
20            required to be unique within the context of the nearest recurring parent element.</xsd:documentation>
21         </xsd:annotation>
22      </xsd:attribute>
23   </xsd:attributeGroup>
24   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_businessAssociate.-->
25   <xsd:complexType name="cs_commonData">
26      <xsd:annotation>
27         <xsd:documentation>WITSML - Common Data Component Schema</xsd:documentation>
28      </xsd:annotation>
29      <xsd:sequence>
30         <xsd:element name="sourceName" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
31            <xsd:annotation>
32               <xsd:documentation>An identifier to indicate the data originator. This identifies the server that originally created the object and thus most of the uids in the
33               object (but not necessarily the uids of the parents). This is typically a url.</xsd:documentation>
34            </xsd:annotation>
35         </xsd:element>
36         <xsd:element name="dTimCreation" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
37            <xsd:annotation>
38               <xsd:documentation>When the data was created at the persistent data store.</xsd:documentation>
39            </xsd:annotation>
40         </xsd:element>
41         <xsd:element name="dTimLastChange" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
42            <xsd:annotation>
43               <xsd:documentation>Last change of any element of the data at the persistent data store. The change time is not updated for a growing object while it is
44               growing.</xsd:documentation>
45            </xsd:annotation>
46         </xsd:element>
47         <xsd:element name="itemState" type="witsml:ItemState" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
48            <xsd:annotation>
49               <xsd:documentation>The item state for the data object.</xsd:documentation>
50            </xsd:annotation>
51         </xsd:element>
52         <xsd:element name="comments" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
53            <xsd:annotation>
54               <xsd:documentation>Comments and remarks.</xsd:documentation>
55            </xsd:annotation>
56         </xsd:element>
57      </xsd:sequence>
58   </xsd:complexType>
59   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_connectedNode.-->
60   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_curveData.-->
61   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_curveDefinition.-->
62   <xsd:complexType name="cs_customData">
63      <xsd:annotation>
64         <xsd:documentation>WITSML - Custom or User Defined Element and Attributes Component Schema. Specify custom element, attributes, and types in the custom data
65         area.</xsd:documentation>
66      </xsd:annotation>
67      <xsd:sequence>
68         <xsd:any namespace="##any" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
69            <xsd:annotation>
70               <xsd:documentation>Any element or attribute in any namespace. It is strongly recommended that all custom data definitions be added to a unique
71               namespace.</xsd:documentation>
72            </xsd:annotation>
73         </xsd:any>
74      </xsd:sequence>
75   </xsd:complexType>
76   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_datedComment.-->
77   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_densityValue.-->
78   <xsd:complexType name="cs_documentInfo">
79      <xsd:annotation>
80         <xsd:documentation>A schema to capture a set of data that is relevant for many exchange documents. It includes information about the file that was created, and high-level
81         information about the data that is being exchanged within the file.</xsd:documentation>
82      </xsd:annotation>
83      <xsd:sequence>
84         <xsd:element name="DocumentName" type="witsml:nameStruct" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
85            <xsd:annotation>
86               <xsd:documentation>An identifier for the document. This is intended to be unique within the context of the NamingSystem.</xsd:documentation>
87               <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
88            </xsd:annotation>
89         </xsd:element>
90         <xsd:element name="DocumentAlias" type="witsml:nameStruct" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
91            <xsd:annotation>
92               <xsd:documentation>Zero or more alternate names for the document. These names do not need to be unique within the naming system.</xsd:documentation>
93            </xsd:annotation>
94         </xsd:element>
95         <xsd:element name="DocumentDate" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
96            <xsd:annotation>
97               <xsd:documentation>The date of the creation of the document. This is not the same as the date that the file was created. For this date, the document is considered
98               to be the set of information associated with this document information. For example, the document may be a seismic binset. This represents the date that the binset
99               was created. The FileCreation information would capture the date that the XML file was created to send or exchange the binset.</xsd:documentation>
100            </xsd:annotation>
101         </xsd:element>
102         <xsd:element name="documentClass" type="witsml:nameStruct" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
103            <xsd:annotation>
104               <xsd:documentation>A document class. Examples of classes would be a metadata classification or a set of keywords.</xsd:documentation>
105            </xsd:annotation>
106         </xsd:element>
107         <xsd:element name="FileCreationInformation" type="witsml:fileCreationType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
108            <xsd:annotation>
109               <xsd:documentation>The information about the creation of the exchange file. This is not about the creation of the data within the file, but the creation of the file
110               itself.</xsd:documentation>
111            </xsd:annotation>
112         </xsd:element>
113         <xsd:element name="SecurityInformation" type="witsml:securityInfoType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="5">
114            <xsd:annotation>
115               <xsd:documentation>Information about the security to be applied to this file. More than one classification can be given.</xsd:documentation>
116            </xsd:annotation>
117         </xsd:element>
118         <xsd:element name="Disclaimer" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
119            <xsd:annotation>
120               <xsd:documentation>A free-form string that allows a disclaimer to accompany the information.</xsd:documentation>
121            </xsd:annotation>
122         </xsd:element>
123         <xsd:element name="AuditTrail" type="witsml:auditType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
124            <xsd:annotation>
125               <xsd:documentation>A collection of events that can document the history of the data.</xsd:documentation>
126            </xsd:annotation>
127         </xsd:element>
128         <xsd:element name="Owner" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
129            <xsd:annotation>
130               <xsd:documentation>The owner of the data.</xsd:documentation>
131            </xsd:annotation>
132         </xsd:element>
133         <xsd:element name="QueryParam" type="witsml:queryParam" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
134            <xsd:annotation>
135               <xsd:documentation>WITSML query parameters.</xsd:documentation>
136            </xsd:annotation>
137         </xsd:element>
138         <xsd:element name="Comment" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
139            <xsd:annotation>
140               <xsd:documentation>An optional comment about the document.</xsd:documentation>
141            </xsd:annotation>
142         </xsd:element>
143      </xsd:sequence>
144   </xsd:complexType>
145   <xsd:complexType name="queryParam">
146      <xsd:annotation>
147         <xsd:documentation>A structure for WITSML query parameters. The intent is to allow a query for all objects within an index range (whether or not the object is growing).
148         These would typically be something like a daily report.</xsd:documentation>
149      </xsd:annotation>
150      <xsd:sequence>
151         <xsd:element name="dTimMin" type="witsml:endpointQualifiedDateTime" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
152            <xsd:annotation>
153               <xsd:documentation>The minimum start time for an object. This only applies to objects with a root level date and/or dateTime element(s). The objects may or not be
154               growing objects but the See the API specification for behavior related to this query parameter.</xsd:documentation>
155            </xsd:annotation>
156         </xsd:element>
157         <xsd:element name="dTimMax" type="witsml:endpointQualifiedDateTime" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
158            <xsd:annotation>
159               <xsd:documentation>The maximum start time for an object. This only applies to objects with a root level date and/or dateTime element(s). See the API specification
160               for behavior related to this query parameter.</xsd:documentation>
161            </xsd:annotation>
162         </xsd:element>
163      </xsd:sequence>
164   </xsd:complexType>
165   <xsd:complexType name="fileCreationType">
166      <xsd:annotation>
167         <xsd:documentation>A block of information about the creation of the XML file. This is different than the creation of the data that is included within the
168         file.</xsd:documentation>
169      </xsd:annotation>
170      <xsd:sequence>
171         <xsd:element name="FileCreationDate" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
172            <xsd:annotation>
173               <xsd:documentation>The date and time that the file was created.</xsd:documentation>
174               <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
175            </xsd:annotation>
176         </xsd:element>
177         <xsd:element name="SoftwareName" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
178            <xsd:annotation>
179               <xsd:documentation>If appropriate, the software that created the file. This is a free form string, and may include whatever information is deemed
180               relevant.</xsd:documentation>
181            </xsd:annotation>
182         </xsd:element>
183         <xsd:element name="FileCreator" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
184            <xsd:annotation>
185               <xsd:documentation>The person or business associate that created the file.</xsd:documentation>
186            </xsd:annotation>
187         </xsd:element>
188         <xsd:element name="Comment" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
189            <xsd:annotation>
190               <xsd:documentation>Any comment that would be useful to further explain the creation of this instance document.</xsd:documentation>
191            </xsd:annotation>
192         </xsd:element>
193      </xsd:sequence>
194   </xsd:complexType>
195   <xsd:complexType name="securityInfoType">
196      <xsd:annotation>
197         <xsd:documentation>Information about the security classification of the document. This is intended as a documentation of the security so that the file will not
198         inadvertently be sent to someone who is not allowed access to the data. This block also carries a date that the security classification expires. For example, a well log
199         is confidential for a period of time, and then becomes open. All security classes are characterized by their classification systems.</xsd:documentation>
200      </xsd:annotation>
201      <xsd:sequence>
202         <xsd:element name="Class" type="witsml:kindString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
203            <xsd:annotation>
204               <xsd:documentation>The security class in which this document is classified. Examples would be confidential, partner confidential, tight. The meaning of the class is
205               determined by the System in which it is defined.</xsd:documentation>
206            </xsd:annotation>
207         </xsd:element>
208         <xsd:element name="SecuritySystem" type="witsml:kindString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
209            <xsd:annotation>
210               <xsd:documentation>The security classification system. This gives context to the meaning of the Class value.</xsd:documentation>
211            </xsd:annotation>
212         </xsd:element>
213         <xsd:element name="EndDate" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
214            <xsd:annotation>
215               <xsd:documentation>The date on which this security class is no longer applicable.</xsd:documentation>
216            </xsd:annotation>
217         </xsd:element>
218         <xsd:element name="Comment" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
219            <xsd:annotation>
220               <xsd:documentation>A general comment to further define the security class.</xsd:documentation>
221            </xsd:annotation>
222         </xsd:element>
223      </xsd:sequence>
224   </xsd:complexType>
225   <xsd:complexType name="auditType">
226      <xsd:annotation>
227         <xsd:documentation>The audit records what happened to the data, to produce the data that is in this file. It consists of one or more events.</xsd:documentation>
228      </xsd:annotation>
229      <xsd:sequence>
230         <xsd:element name="Event" type="witsml:eventType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
231            <xsd:annotation>
232               <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
233            </xsd:annotation>
234         </xsd:element>
235      </xsd:sequence>
236   </xsd:complexType>
237   <xsd:complexType name="eventType">
238      <xsd:annotation>
239         <xsd:documentation>An event type captures the basic information about an event that has affected the data.</xsd:documentation>
240      </xsd:annotation>
241      <xsd:sequence>
242         <xsd:element name="EventDate" type="witsml:timestamp" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
243            <xsd:annotation>
244               <xsd:documentation>The date on which the event took place.</xsd:documentation>
245               <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
246            </xsd:annotation>
247         </xsd:element>
248         <xsd:element name="ResponsibleParty" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
249            <xsd:annotation>
250               <xsd:documentation>The party responsible for the event.</xsd:documentation>
251            </xsd:annotation>
252         </xsd:element>
253         <xsd:element name="Comment" type="witsml:commentString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
254            <xsd:annotation>
255               <xsd:documentation>A free form comment that can further define the event that occurred.</xsd:documentation>
256            </xsd:annotation>
257         </xsd:element>
258      </xsd:sequence>
259   </xsd:complexType>
260   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsBoxInformation.-->
261   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsCalibration.-->
262   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsCalibrationParameter.-->
263   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsErrorReport.-->
264   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsFiber.-->
265   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsFiberEndPoint.-->
266   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsFiberInformation.-->
267   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsFiberInstalledPoints.-->
268   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsInstrumentBox.-->
269   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsInstrumentBoxCalibration.-->
270   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsOneWayLoss.-->
271   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsOtdr.-->
272   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsProcessedWellLog.-->
273   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsPumpActivity.-->
274   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsPumpLogRow.-->
275   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsPumpLogTable.-->
276   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsRefractiveIndex.-->
277   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_dtsSingleInstalledPoint.-->
278   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultCceTestStep.-->
279   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultCompositeComposition.-->
280   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultComposition.-->
281   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultConstantCompositionExpansionTest.-->
282   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultConstantVolumeDepletionTest.-->
283   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultContaminant.-->
284   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultCvdTestStep.-->
285   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultDataQuality.-->
286   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultDifferentialLiberationTest.-->
287   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultDifferentialLiberationTestStep.-->
288   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultJCurveTest.-->
289   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultJCurveTestStep.-->
290   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultPhaseComposition.-->
291   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultSaturationTest.-->
292   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultSaturationTestStep.-->
293   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultSeparatorTest.-->
294   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultSeparatorTestStep.-->
295   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultStockTank.-->
296   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultTransportPropertiesTest.-->
297   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultTransportTestStep.-->
298   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_fluidResultVolumeReference.-->
299   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_generalAddress.-->
300   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_geographicContext.-->
301   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_nameTag.-->
302   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_northSeaOffshore.-->
303   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_offshoreLocation.-->
304   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_personName.-->
305   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowChangeLog.-->
306   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowExpectedPortProperty.-->
307   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowExpectedUnitProperty.-->
308   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowExternalReference.-->
309   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowlExternalPort.-->
310   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowNetwork.-->
311   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowNetworkPlan.-->
312   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowPort.-->
313   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowQualifierExpected.-->
314   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productFlowUnit.-->
315   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationActivity.-->
316   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationAlarm.-->
317   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationCargoShipOperation.-->
318   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationHSE.-->
319   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationInstallationReport.-->
320   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationLostProduction.-->
321   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationMarineOperation.-->
322   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationOperationalComment.-->
323   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationSafety.-->
324   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationShutdown.-->
325   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationThirdPartyProcessing.-->
326   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationWaterCleaningQuality.-->
327   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productionOperationWeather.-->
328   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeAlert.-->
329   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeBusinessUnit.-->
330   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeBusinessSubUnit.-->
331   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeBusinessOwnershipShare.-->
332   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeBusinessAccountInfo.-->
333   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BusinessUnitKind.-->
334   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeComponentContent.-->
335   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeFacility.-->
336   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeFlow.-->
337   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeParameterSet.-->
338   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeParameterValue.-->
339   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumePeriod.-->
340   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumePortDifference.-->
341   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeProduct.-->
342   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeRelatedFacility.-->
343   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeSalesSet.-->
344   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeSalesDetail.-->
345   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeDestination.-->
346   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_productVolumeSaleEvent.-->
347   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SaleEventKind.-->
348   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SalesFlowPart.-->
349   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SaleDestinationType.-->
350   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_refProductFlow.-->
351   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_refWellWellbore.-->
352   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_refWellWellboreRig.-->
353   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_relativeCoordinate.-->
354   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_volumeValue.-->
355   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellContext.-->
356   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellDatum.-->
357   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestBottomholeData.-->
358   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestCumulative.-->
359   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestFluidLevelTest.-->
360   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestFluidRate.-->
361   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestInjectionTestData.-->
362   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestInjectionTestResults.-->
363   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestInterval.-->
364   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestPointData.-->
365   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestProductionTestData.-->
366   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestProductionTestResults.-->
367   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestSeparatorData.-->
368   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestTestVolume.-->
369   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cs_wellTestWellheadData.-->
370   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_commonPropertiesProductVolume.-->
371   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_dtsInstalledSystem.-->
372   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_dtsMeasurement.-->
373   <xsd:group name="grp_fluidAnalysis">
374      <xsd:sequence>
375         <xsd:choice>
376            <xsd:element name="userAnalysisKind" type="witsml:FluidAnalysisKind" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
377               <xsd:annotation>
378                  <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
379                  <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
380               </xsd:annotation>
381            </xsd:element>
382            <xsd:element name="laboratorybAnalysisKind" type="witsml:kindString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
383               <xsd:annotation>
384                  <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
385                  <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
386               </xsd:annotation>
387            </xsd:element>
388         </xsd:choice>
389         <xsd:element name="analysisdDate" type="witsml:date" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
390            <xsd:annotation>
391               <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
392            </xsd:annotation>
393         </xsd:element>
394         <xsd:element name="applicationName" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
395            <xsd:annotation>
396               <xsd:documentation>The name of the application that was run by the user.</xsd:documentation>
397            </xsd:annotation>
398         </xsd:element>
399         <xsd:element name="applicationVersion" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
400            <xsd:annotation>
401               <xsd:documentation>The version of the application that was run by the user.</xsd:documentation>
402            </xsd:annotation>
403         </xsd:element>
404         <xsd:element name="analysisCompany" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
405            <xsd:annotation>
406               <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
407            </xsd:annotation>
408         </xsd:element>
409         <xsd:element name="personName" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
410            <xsd:annotation>
411               <xsd:documentation>The name of the analyst or user who is responsible for the results.</xsd:documentation>
412            </xsd:annotation>
413         </xsd:element>
414         <xsd:element name="reportIdentifier" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
415            <xsd:annotation>
416               <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
417            </xsd:annotation>
418         </xsd:element>
419         <xsd:element name="reportDate" type="witsml:date" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
420            <xsd:annotation>
421               <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
422            </xsd:annotation>
423         </xsd:element>
424         <xsd:element name="reportLocation" type="witsml:descriptionString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
425            <xsd:annotation>
426               <xsd:documentation>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</xsd:documentation>
427            </xsd:annotation>
428         </xsd:element>
429      </xsd:sequence>
430   </xsd:group>
431   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_fluidAnalysisResult.-->
432   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_fluidResultCommonTestGroup.-->
433   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_fluidSample.-->
434   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_productFlowModel.-->
435   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_productionOperation.-->
436   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_productVolume.-->
437   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type grp_wellTest.-->
438   <xsd:element name="fluidAnalysiss" type="witsml:obj_fluidAnalysiss">
439      <xsd:annotation>
440         <xsd:documentation>The WITSML API mandated plural root element which allows multiple singular objects to be sent. The plural name is formed by adding an "s" to the
441         singular name.</xsd:documentation>
442      </xsd:annotation>
443   </xsd:element>
444   <xsd:complexType name="obj_fluidAnalysiss">
445      <xsd:sequence>
446         <xsd:element name="documentInfo" type="witsml:cs_documentInfo" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
447            <xsd:annotation>
448               <xsd:documentation>Information about the XML message instance.</xsd:documentation>
449            </xsd:annotation>
450         </xsd:element>
451         <xsd:element name="fluidAnalysis" type="witsml:obj_fluidAnalysis" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
452            <xsd:annotation>
453               <xsd:documentation>Information about a single Fluid Analysis.</xsd:documentation>
454            </xsd:annotation>
455         </xsd:element>
456      </xsd:sequence>
457      <xsd:attribute name="version" type="witsml:schemaVersionString" use="optional">
458         <xsd:annotation>
459            <xsd:documentation>Data object schema version. The fourth level must match the version of the schema constraints (enumerations and XML loader files) that are assumed
460            by the documenti nstance.</xsd:documentation>
461            <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@use="required"</xsd:appinfo>
462         </xsd:annotation>
463      </xsd:attribute>
464   </xsd:complexType>
465   <xsd:complexType name="obj_fluidAnalysis">
466      <xsd:complexContent>
467         <xsd:extension base="witsml:abstractSingularDataObject">
468            <xsd:sequence>
469               <xsd:element name="name" type="witsml:nameString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
470                  <xsd:annotation>
471                     <xsd:documentation>The name of the Fluid Analysis.</xsd:documentation>
472                     <xsd:appinfo>constraints:@minOccurs="1"</xsd:appinfo>
473                  </xsd:annotation>
474               </xsd:element>
475               <xsd:group ref="witsml:grp_fluidAnalysis">
476                  <xsd:annotation>
477                     <xsd:documentation>The non-contextual elements for general Fluid Analysis information.</xsd:documentation>
478                  </xsd:annotation>
479               </xsd:group>
480               <xsd:element name="commonData" type="witsml:cs_commonData" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
481                  <xsd:annotation>
482                     <xsd:documentation>A container element that contains elements that are common to all data objects.</xsd:documentation>
483                  </xsd:annotation>
484               </xsd:element>
485               <xsd:element name="customData" type="witsml:cs_customData" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
486                  <xsd:annotation>
487                     <xsd:documentation>A container element that can contain custom or user defined data elements.</xsd:documentation>
488                  </xsd:annotation>
489               </xsd:element>
490            </xsd:sequence>
491            <xsd:attributeGroup ref="witsml:attgrp_uid">
492               <xsd:annotation>
493                  <xsd:documentation>Unique identifier for the Fluid Analysis.</xsd:documentation>
494               </xsd:annotation>
495            </xsd:attributeGroup>
496         </xsd:extension>
497      </xsd:complexContent>
498   </xsd:complexType>
499   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractBoolean.-->
500   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractDateTime">
501      <xsd:annotation>
502         <xsd:documentation>This type disallows an "empty" dateTime value. This type should not be used directly except to derive another type. All dateTime types should be
503         derived from this type rather than using xsd:dateTime.</xsd:documentation>
504      </xsd:annotation>
505      <xsd:restriction base="xsd:dateTime">
506         <xsd:pattern value=".+" />
507      </xsd:restriction>
508   </xsd:simpleType>
509   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractDate">
510      <xsd:annotation>
511         <xsd:documentation>This type disallows an "empty" date value. This type should not be used directly except to derive another type. All dateTime types should be derived
512         from this type rather than using xsd:dateTime.</xsd:documentation>
513      </xsd:annotation>
514      <xsd:restriction base="xsd:date">
515         <xsd:pattern value=".+" />
516      </xsd:restriction>
517   </xsd:simpleType>
518   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractYear.-->
519   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractDouble.-->
520   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractShort.-->
521   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractInt.-->
522   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractString">
523      <xsd:annotation>
524         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all strings. This abstract type allows the control over whitespace for all strings to be defined at a high level.
525         This type should not be used directly except to derive another type.</xsd:documentation>
526      </xsd:annotation>
527      <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
528         <xsd:whiteSpace value="collapse">
529            <xsd:annotation>
530               <xsd:documentation>Replace tab, line feed and carriage return with a space, collapse contiguous sequences of spaces to a single space and then remove leading and
531               trailing spaces.</xsd:documentation>
532            </xsd:annotation>
533         </xsd:whiteSpace>
534         <xsd:minLength value="1">
535            <xsd:annotation>
536               <xsd:documentation>The empty string is not allowed. This constraint conbined with the whiteSpace collapse constraint means that a blank value is not
537               allowed.</xsd:documentation>
538            </xsd:annotation>
539         </xsd:minLength>
540      </xsd:restriction>
541   </xsd:simpleType>
542   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractMeasure.-->
543   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractMaximumLengthString">
544      <xsd:annotation>
545         <xsd:documentation>This defines the maximum acceptable length of a string that can be stored in a data base.</xsd:documentation>
546      </xsd:annotation>
547      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
548         <xsd:maxLength value="4000">
549            <xsd:annotation>
550               <xsd:documentation>This value should be the smallest "maximum size of a variable length character type" in commonly used DBMSs. This is the maximum size of a
551               VARCHAR2 in Oracle 8.</xsd:documentation>
552            </xsd:annotation>
553         </xsd:maxLength>
554      </xsd:restriction>
555   </xsd:simpleType>
556   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractUncollapsedString.-->
557   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractContextualObject.-->
558   <xsd:complexType name="abstractSingularDataObject">
559      <xsd:annotation>
560         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all singular data objects.</xsd:documentation>
561      </xsd:annotation>
562      <xsd:sequence />
563   </xsd:complexType>
564   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractPositiveCount.-->
565   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractNameString">
566      <xsd:annotation>
567         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all user assigned human recognizable contextual name types. There should be no assumption that (interoperable)
568         semantic information will be extracted from the name by a third party. This type of value is generally not guaranteed to be unique and is not a candidate to be replaced
569         by an enumeration.</xsd:documentation>
570      </xsd:annotation>
571      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
572         <xsd:maxLength value="64" />
573      </xsd:restriction>
574   </xsd:simpleType>
575   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractUidString">
576      <xsd:annotation>
577         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all locally unique identifiers. The value is not intended to convey any semantic content (e.g., it may be computer
578         generated). The value is only required to be unique within a context in a document (e.g., defined via key and keyref). There is no guarantee that the same data in
579         multiple documents will utilize the same uid value unless enforced by the source of the document (e.g., a document server). Spaces are not allowed.</xsd:documentation>
580      </xsd:annotation>
581      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
582         <xsd:maxLength value="64" />
583         <xsd:pattern value="[^ ]*" />
584      </xsd:restriction>
585   </xsd:simpleType>
586   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractCommentString">
587      <xsd:annotation>
588         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all comments or remarks intended for human consumption. There should be no assumption that semantics can be
589         extracted from the field by a computer. Neither should there be an assumption that any two humans will interpret the information in the same way (i.e., it may not be
590         interoperable).</xsd:documentation>
591      </xsd:annotation>
592      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractMaximumLengthString" />
593   </xsd:simpleType>
594   <xsd:simpleType name="abstractTypeEnum">
595      <xsd:annotation>
596         <xsd:documentation>The intended abstract supertype of all enumerated "types". This abstract type allows the maximum length of a type enumeration to be centrally defined.
597         This type should not be used directly except to derive another type. It should also be used for uncontrolled strings which are candidates to become enumerations at a
598         future date.</xsd:documentation>
599      </xsd:annotation>
600      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
601         <xsd:maxLength value="40" />
602      </xsd:restriction>
603   </xsd:simpleType>
604   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractUomEnum.-->
605   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type abstractNonNegativeCount.-->
606   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ActivityClassType.-->
607   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ActivityCode.-->
608   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type AddressKindEnum.-->
609   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type AddressQualifier.-->
610   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type AziRef.-->
611   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ArrayElementDataType.-->
612   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BearingType.-->
613   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BitDullCode.-->
614   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BitReasonPulled.-->
615   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BitType.-->
616   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BhaStatus.-->
617   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BladeShapeType.-->
618   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BladeType.-->
619   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BopType.-->
620   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type BoxPinConfig.-->
621   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type CalculationMethod.-->
622   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type CementJobType.-->
623   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ConnectionPosition.-->
624   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ContactPreference.-->
625   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type DeflectionMethod.-->
626   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type DerrickType.-->
627   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type DrawWorksType.-->
628   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type DriveType.-->
629   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ElevCodeEnum.-->
630   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type Ellipsoid.-->
631   <xsd:simpleType name="EndpointQualifier">
632      <xsd:annotation>
633         <xsd:documentation>The meaning of the endpoint for min/max query parameters on "growing objects". The list of standard values is contained in the PRODML enumValues.xml
634         file.</xsd:documentation>
635      </xsd:annotation>
636      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractTypeEnum">
637         <xsd:enumeration value="inclusive">
638            <xsd:annotation>
639               <xsd:documentation>The endpoint of the range is inclusive of the specified range value. hat is, a node index value which matches the specified range value is
640               considered to be within the range.</xsd:documentation>
641            </xsd:annotation>
642         </xsd:enumeration>
643         <xsd:enumeration value="exclusive">
644            <xsd:annotation>
645               <xsd:documentation>The endpoint of the range is exclusive of the specified range value. That is, a node index value which matches the specified range value is
646               considered to be outside the range.</xsd:documentation>
647            </xsd:annotation>
648         </xsd:enumeration>
649         <xsd:enumeration value="extensive">
650            <xsd:annotation>
651               <xsd:documentation>The endpoint of the range may be extended to the first encountered value if an exact value match is not found. That is, if a node index value
652               does not match the specified range value then the next smaller value (on minimum end) or larger value (on maximum end) in the index series should be used as the
653               endpoint. Basically, this concept is designed to support interpolation across an undefined point.</xsd:documentation>
654            </xsd:annotation>
655         </xsd:enumeration>
656         <xsd:enumeration value="overlap extensive">
657            <xsd:annotation>
658               <xsd:documentation>The endpoint of the range may be extended to the first encountered value if the interval is overlapped with the index interval. That is, if a
659               node index value does not match the specified range value then the next smaller value (on minimum end) or larger value (on maximum end) in the index series should
660               be used as the endpoint. This concept is designed to select ALL nodes whose index interval overlap with the query range.</xsd:documentation>
661            </xsd:annotation>
662         </xsd:enumeration>
663         <xsd:enumeration value="unknown">
664            <xsd:annotation>
665               <xsd:documentation>The value is not known. This value should not be used in normal situations. All reasonable attempts should be made to determine the appropriate
666               value. Use of this value may result in rejection in some situations.</xsd:documentation>
667            </xsd:annotation>
668         </xsd:enumeration>
669      </xsd:restriction>
670   </xsd:simpleType>
671   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FacilityParameter.-->
672   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FiberMode.-->
673   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FlowQualifier.-->
674   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FlowSubQualifier.-->
675   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type GasPeakType.-->
676   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type GeodeticDatum.-->
677   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type Hemispheres.-->
678   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type HoleCasingType.-->
679   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type HoleOpenerType.-->
680   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type InjectionFluid.-->
681   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type IntervalMethod.-->
682   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type IntervalType.-->
683   <xsd:simpleType name="ItemState">
684      <xsd:annotation>
685         <xsd:documentation>These values represent the state of a WITSML object.</xsd:documentation>
686      </xsd:annotation>
687      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractTypeEnum">
688         <xsd:enumeration value="actual">
689            <xsd:annotation>
690               <xsd:documentation>Actual data measured or entered at the well site.</xsd:documentation>
691            </xsd:annotation>
692         </xsd:enumeration>
693         <xsd:enumeration value="model">
694            <xsd:annotation>
695               <xsd:documentation>Model data used for "what if" calculations.</xsd:documentation>
696            </xsd:annotation>
697         </xsd:enumeration>
698         <xsd:enumeration value="plan">
699            <xsd:annotation>
700               <xsd:documentation>A planned object. That is, one which is expected to be executed in the future.</xsd:documentation>
701            </xsd:annotation>
702         </xsd:enumeration>
703         <xsd:enumeration value="unknown">
704            <xsd:annotation>
705               <xsd:documentation>The value is not known. This value should not be used in normal situations. All reasonable attempts should be made to determine the appropriate
706               value. Use of this value may result in rejection in some situations.</xsd:documentation>
707            </xsd:annotation>
708         </xsd:enumeration>
709      </xsd:restriction>
710   </xsd:simpleType>
711   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type InstalledFiberPoint.-->
712   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type JarType.-->
713   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type JarAction.-->
714   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LithologySource.-->
715   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LithologyType.-->
716   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LogDataType.-->
717   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LogIndexDirection.-->
718   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LogIndexType.-->
719   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LogTraceOrigin.-->
720   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type LogTraceState.-->
721   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MaterialType.-->
722   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MeasureClass.-->
723   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MeasurementType.-->
724   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MessageProbability.-->
725   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MessageSeverity.-->
726   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MessageType.-->
727   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MudLogParameterType.-->
728   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type NADTypes.-->
729   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type NameTagLocation.-->
730   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type NameTagNumberingScheme.-->
731   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type NameTagTechnology.-->
732   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type NozzleType.-->
733   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type OTDRReason.-->
734   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type PhoneType.-->
735   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type PitType.-->
736   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ProductFlowPortType.-->
737   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type Projection.-->
738   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ProjectionVariantsObliqueMercator.-->
739   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type PumpType.-->
740   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type PumpOpType.-->
741   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type QualifierType.-->
742   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RealtimeData.-->
743   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReportingFacility.-->
744   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReportingFlow.-->
745   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReportingPeriod.-->
746   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReportingProduct.-->
747   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReportingProperty.-->
748   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RigType.-->
749   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RiskAffectedPersonnel.-->
750   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RiskCategory.-->
751   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RiskSubCategory.-->
752   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type RiskType.-->
753   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ScrType.-->
754   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ShowFluorescence.-->
755   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ShowLevel.-->
756   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ShowRating.-->
757   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ShowSpeed.-->
758   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type StandardTempPress.-->
759   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SupportCraft.-->
760   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SurfEquipType.-->
761   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TargetCategory.-->
762   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TargetScope.-->
763   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TargetSectionScope.-->
764   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TestReason.-->
765   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TrajStationStatus.-->
766   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TrajStationType.-->
767   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TubularAssembly.-->
768   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TubularComponent.-->
769   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type TypeSurveyTool.-->
770   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ValueStatus.-->
771   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellDirection.-->
772   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellFluid.-->
773   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellboreShape.-->
774   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellboreType.-->
775   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellPurpose.-->
776   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellStatus.-->
777   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type CrewType.-->
778   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type OperationKind.-->
779   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReasonLost.-->
780   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type SafetyType.-->
781   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type VolumeReferenceKind.-->
782   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type DataQuality.-->
783   <xsd:simpleType name="FluidAnalysisKind">
784      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractTypeEnum">
785         <xsd:enumeration value="qc" />
786         <xsd:enumeration value="calc" />
787         <xsd:enumeration value="bus" />
788         <xsd:enumeration value="unknown" />
789      </xsd:restriction>
790   </xsd:simpleType>
791   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FluidComponent.-->
792   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FluidSampleTestAcquisition.-->
793   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FluidComponentKind.-->
794   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FluidContaminant.-->
795   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type FluidSampleKind.-->
796   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ReservoirFluidKind.-->
797   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type EosModelKind.-->
798   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type generalMeasureType.-->
799   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type temperatureSlopeMeasure.-->
800   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type typeOptionalClassString.-->
801   <xsd:complexType name="endpointQualifiedDateTime">
802      <xsd:annotation>
803         <xsd:documentation>A timestamp value used for min/max query parameters related to "growing objects". The meaning of the endpoint of an interval can be modified by the
804         endpoint attribute.</xsd:documentation>
805      </xsd:annotation>
806      <xsd:simpleContent>
807         <xsd:extension base="witsml:abstractDateTime">
808            <xsd:attribute name="endpoint" type="witsml:EndpointQualifier" use="optional">
809               <xsd:annotation>
810                  <xsd:documentation>The default is "inclusive".</xsd:documentation>
811               </xsd:annotation>
812            </xsd:attribute>
813         </xsd:extension>
814      </xsd:simpleContent>
815   </xsd:complexType>
816   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type endpointQualifiedDate.-->
817   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type emailQualifierStruct.-->
818   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type facilityIdentifierStruct.-->
819   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type phoneNumberStruct.-->
820   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type logicalBoolean.-->
821   <xsd:simpleType name="date">
822      <xsd:annotation>
823         <xsd:documentation>A julian date.</xsd:documentation>
824      </xsd:annotation>
825      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractDate" />
826   </xsd:simpleType>
827   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type month.-->
828   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type year.-->
829   <xsd:simpleType name="timestamp">
830      <xsd:annotation>
831         <xsd:documentation>A date with the time of day and an optional time zone. While the time zone is optional, it is strongly advised that the zone always be specified in
832         each date time value.</xsd:documentation>
833      </xsd:annotation>
834      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractDateTime" />
835   </xsd:simpleType>
836   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type timeZone.-->
837   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type calendarYear.-->
838   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type yAxisAzimuth.-->
839   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type nonNegativeFraction.-->
840   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type unitlessQuantity.-->
841   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type genericMeasure.-->
842   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type indexCurve.-->
843   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type ratioGenericMeasure.-->
844   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type listOfString.-->
845   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type listOfDouble.-->
846   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type refNameString.-->
847   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type refObjectString.-->
848   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type refPositiveCount.-->
849   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type refWellDatum.-->
850   <xsd:simpleType name="nameString">
851      <xsd:annotation>
852         <xsd:documentation>A user assigned human recognizable contextual name of something. There should be no assumption that (interoperable) semantic information will be
853         extracted from the name by a third party. This type of value is generally not guaranteed to be unique and is not a candidate to be replaced by an
854         enumeration.</xsd:documentation>
855      </xsd:annotation>
856      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractNameString" />
857   </xsd:simpleType>
858   <xsd:simpleType name="commentString">
859      <xsd:annotation>
860         <xsd:documentation>A comment or remark intended for human consumption. There should be no assumption that semantics can be extracted from this field by a computer.
861         Neither should there be an assumption that any two humans will interpret the information in the same way (i.e., it may not be interoperable).</xsd:documentation>
862      </xsd:annotation>
863      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractCommentString" />
864   </xsd:simpleType>
865   <xsd:simpleType name="descriptionString">
866      <xsd:annotation>
867         <xsd:documentation>A textual description of something.</xsd:documentation>
868      </xsd:annotation>
869      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
870         <xsd:maxLength value="256" />
871      </xsd:restriction>
872   </xsd:simpleType>
873   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type shortDescriptionString.-->
874   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type encodedArrayString.-->
875   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type encodedValueString.-->
876   <xsd:simpleType name="kindString">
877      <xsd:annotation>
878         <xsd:documentation>A community assigned human recognizable name. This type of value is intended to be unique and is generally a candidate to be constrained to an
879         enumerated list.</xsd:documentation>
880      </xsd:annotation>
881      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractTypeEnum" />
882   </xsd:simpleType>
883   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type uomString.-->
884   <xsd:simpleType name="uidString">
885      <xsd:annotation>
886         <xsd:documentation>A locally unique identifier. The value is not intended to convey any semantic content (e.g., it may be computer generated). The value is only required
887         to be unique within a context in a document (e.g., defined via key and keyref). There is no guarantee that the same data in multiple documents will utilize the same uid
888         value unless enforced by the source of the document (e.g., a document server).</xsd:documentation>
889      </xsd:annotation>
890      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractUidString" />
891   </xsd:simpleType>
892   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type refString.-->
893   <xsd:simpleType name="schemaVersionString">
894      <xsd:annotation>
895         <xsd:documentation>The version of the schema. The first three levels are fixed. The fourth level can vary to represent the constraints defined in enumerations and XML
896         loader files.</xsd:documentation>
897      </xsd:annotation>
898      <xsd:restriction base="witsml:abstractString">
899         <xsd:maxLength value="16" />
900         <xsd:pattern value="1\.0\.0\.[1-9]?[0-9]\(PRODML\)" />
901      </xsd:restriction>
902   </xsd:simpleType>
903   <xsd:complexType name="nameStruct">
904      <xsd:annotation>
905         <xsd:documentation>The name of something within a naming system.</xsd:documentation>
906      </xsd:annotation>
907      <xsd:simpleContent>
908         <xsd:extension base="witsml:abstractNameString">
909            <xsd:attribute name="namingSystem" type="witsml:nameString" use="optional">
910               <xsd:annotation>
911                  <xsd:documentation>The naming system within the name is (hopefully) unique.</xsd:documentation>
912               </xsd:annotation>
913            </xsd:attribute>
914         </xsd:extension>
915      </xsd:simpleContent>
916   </xsd:complexType>
917   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type wellKnownNameStruct.-->
918   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type uncollapsedString.-->
919   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type iadcBearingWearCode.-->
920   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type geodeticZoneString.-->
921   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type generalQualifiedMeasure.-->
922   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type integerQualifiedCount.-->
923   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type kindQualifiedString.-->
924   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaQualifiedMeasure.-->
925   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaPerAreaQualifiedMeasure.-->
926   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type anglePerTimeQualifiedMeasure.-->
927   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lengthPerLengthQualifiedMeasure.-->
928   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type pressureQualifiedMeasure.-->
929   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type thermodynamicTemperatureQualifiedMeasure.-->
930   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeQualifiedMeasure.-->
931   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeFlowRateQualifiedMeasure.-->
932   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type measuredDepthCoord.-->
933   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type MeasuredDepthUom.-->
934   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type wellVerticalDepthCoord.-->
935   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type wellElevationCoord.-->
936   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type WellVerticalCoordinateUom.-->
937   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type nonNegativeCount.-->
938   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type positiveCount.-->
939   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type positiveBigCount.-->
940   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type integerCount.-->
941   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type beaufortScaleIntegerCode.-->
942   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type pumpActionIntegerCode.-->
943   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type iadcIntegerCode.-->
944   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type levelIntegerCode.-->
945   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type cost.-->
946   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type indexedObject.-->
947   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type str2.-->
948   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type str16.-->
949   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type str32.-->
950   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type crewCount.-->
951   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lostVolumeAndReason.-->
952   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type safetyCount.-->
953   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type binaryInteractionCoefficient.-->
954   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massConcentrationMeasurePercent.-->
955   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type molarFractionMeasurePercent.-->
956   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumePerVolumeMeasurePercent.-->
957   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type PercentUom.-->
958   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type accelerationLinearMeasure.-->
959   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type amountOfSubstanceMeasure.-->
960   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type anglePerLengthMeasure.-->
961   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type anglePerTimeMeasure.-->
962   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaMeasure.-->
963   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaPerAreaMeasure.-->
964   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type densityMeasure.-->
965   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type dimensionlessMeasure.-->
966   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type dynamicViscosityMeasure.-->
967   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type electricPotentialMeasure.-->
968   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type energyPerAreaMeasure.-->
969   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type equivalentPerMassMeasure.-->
970   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type forceMeasure.-->
971   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type forcePerVolumeMeasure.-->
972   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type frequencyMeasure.-->
973   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type illuminanceMeasure.-->
974   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lengthMeasure.-->
975   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lengthPerLengthMeasure.-->
976   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type magneticFieldStrengthMeasure.-->
977   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massConcentrationMeasure.-->
978   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massFlowRateMeasure.-->
979   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massMeasure.-->
980   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massPerLengthMeasure.-->
981   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type modulusOfCompressionMeasure.-->
982   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type momentOfForceMeasure.-->
983   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type perLengthMeasure.-->
984   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type planeAngleMeasure.-->
985   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type powerMeasure.-->
986   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type pressureMeasure.-->
987   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type relativePowerMeasure.-->
988   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type specificVolumeMeasure.-->
989   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type thermodynamicTemperatureMeasure.-->
990   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type timeMeasure.-->
991   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type velocityMeasure.-->
992   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeMeasure.-->
993   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeFlowRateMeasure.-->
994   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumePerVolumeMeasure.-->
995   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type workMeasure.-->
996   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type compressibilityMeasure.-->
997   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type molarVolumeMeasure.-->
998   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type standardVolumeMeasure.-->
999   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type thermalConductivityMeasure.-->
1000   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumePerStandardVolumeMeasure.-->
1001   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type standardVolumePerStandardVolumeMeasure.-->
1002   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type standardVolumePerVolumeMeasure.-->
1003   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type accelerationLinearUom.-->
1004   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type amountOfSubstanceUom.-->
1005   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type anglePerLengthUom.-->
1006   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type anglePerTimeUom.-->
1007   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaUom.-->
1008   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type areaPerAreaUom.-->
1009   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type densityUom.-->
1010   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type dimensionlessUom.-->
1011   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type dynamicViscosityUom.-->
1012   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type electricPotentialUom.-->
1013   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type energyPerAreaUom.-->
1014   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type equivalentPerMassUom.-->
1015   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type forceUom.-->
1016   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type forcePerVolumeUom.-->
1017   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type frequencyUom.-->
1018   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type illuminanceUom.-->
1019   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lengthUom.-->
1020   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type lengthPerLengthUom.-->
1021   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type magneticFieldStrengthUom.-->
1022   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massConcentrationUom.-->
1023   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massFlowRateUom.-->
1024   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massUom.-->
1025   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type massPerLengthUom.-->
1026   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type modulusOfCompressionUom.-->
1027   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type momentOfForceUom.-->
1028   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type perLengthUom.-->
1029   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type planeAngleUom.-->
1030   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type powerUom.-->
1031   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type pressureUom.-->
1032   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type relativePowerUom.-->
1033   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type specificVolumeUom.-->
1034   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type thermodynamicTemperatureUom.-->
1035   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type timeUom.-->
1036   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type velocityUom.-->
1037   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeUom.-->
1038   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumeFlowRateUom.-->
1039   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type volumePerVolumeUom.-->
1040   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type workUom.-->
1041   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type compressibilityUom.-->
1042   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type molarVolumeUom.-->
1043   <!--UNUSED: Deleted type thermalConductivityUom.-->
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