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Procedure for publications

A copy of any proposed publication in connection with or relating to the project shall be published on the protected project WIKI-site and the project manager will send an email to the Steering Committee representatives inviting them to review the publication and make any objections to publication known within fourteen (14) days. The invitation for review will sent at the earliest time possible, but at least three weeks prior to the submission deadline.

Following the end of the above mentioned review period, the Project Manager will inform the parties whether or not any objection has been received by updating the status on the WIKI-site. In the event an objection is raised on one of the grounds described in Clause 7.7 of the contract within the review period of fourteen days, the party proposing the publication and the party objecting shall seek to agree a solution on a timely basis. Whenever a parties name is being used in the proposed publication not just as participant of the project, a written approval has to be collected by the party proposing the publication. An e-mail from the named party stating his approval is sufficient.

Whenever work results owned by another party is described in the proposed publication, the party proposing the publication has to collect a written approval of that other party.

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