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     3= POSC Caesar Association = 
     4[wiki:PCA/About POSC Caesar Association (PCA)] is a non-profit global-standardisation member organisation that shall promote the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software and related matters. 
     6PCA initiated [wiki:ISO15926 ISO 15926] “Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities" and is committed to its maintenance and enhancement. 
     8[wiki:PCA/Membership Join for membership!] 
     11= News = 
     13== [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting201102 Americas PCA Forum and Member Meeting] == 
     14PCA invites you to attend the OpenO&M/MIMOSA and PCA Forum – Americas 2011, which will be held 22-24 February 2011 in Houston, USA. The PCA Forum is open to both PCA and non PCA members. More about the event [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting201102 here]. 
     16== JORD Participation Invited == 
     17== (Joint Operational Reference Data) == 
     18PCA and FIATECH members and non-members - ''anyone who recognizes that their adoption of ISO15926 depends on shared reference data ''- are invited to support the joint initiative to enhance operational reference data services. 
     20The [wiki:JORDProspectus JORD Sponsorship Prospectus is published here], and the full JORD Business Definition is available on request. Contact: 
     22 * Ian Glendinning JORD Project Manager (ian [at] glencois [dot] com ); 
     23 * Nils Sandsmark PCA General Manager ( nils [dot] sandsmark [at] posccaesar [dot] org ); 
     24 * Ray Topping FIATECH Director ( raytopping [at] comcast [dot] net ). 
     26== New PCA member == 
     27PCA welcomes [] as new member. 
     29== New PCA member == 
     30PCA welcomes [ Glenco IS (Information Services) Ltd] as new member. 
     32== Presentations from Asia and Australia PCA Forum and Member meeting == 
     33The presentations from the Asia and Australia PCA Forum and Members Meeting 2010 in Kuala Lumpur are available. The presentations can be found [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting201010 here]. 
     35== Invitation to Plant-Tech 2010 == 
     36Plant-Tech 2010, the 5th edition of the European Plant Engineering and Design Conference, the premier European event for plant engineering and plant design for the oil and gas industry. Plant-Tech 2010, the European Plant Engineering and Plant Design event will take place at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, The Netherlands on the 7th and 8th of December. For more information, see 
     38 * [ Plant-Tech] 
     39 * [ SPAR Europe] 
     41For PCA members, see [wiki:PCA/Internal/PlantTechDiscount internal member pages] for discount and more information. 
     43== [wiki:PCA/Filatech JORD - PCA & FIATECH Announce Joint Operational Reference Data Initiative] == 
     44POSC Caesar Association (PCA) and FIATECH have agreed on a single “Joint  Operational Reference Data” project plan to create in 2010 a stable,  scalable and commercially-viable operation of the ISO15926 reference data  system and associated services. [wiki:PCA/Filatech here] 
     46== News Archive == 
     47For older news postings, please have a look in the [wiki:PCA/News2008 News Archive] 
     53[[Image(wiki:ISO15926inOWLPart2:ISO15926inOWL_2.gif, nolink)]] 
     55''[wiki:ISO15926inOWLPart2 ISO 15926-2 in OWL] as visualized by the GrOWL Protege plugin'' 
     57=== ISO 15926 === 
     58PCA initiated [wiki:ISO15926 ISO 15926] in 1997 and has chaired the group in ISO TC184/SC4 accountable for ISO 15926 ever since. The first four parts have been completed as ISO standards while the Parts 6 and 7 are still in progress. 
     60A statement from the IT industry: 
     62  ''ISO 15926 is extraordinarily robust and complete, both in its specification and the technical infrastructure through which it is deployed. These characteristics differentiate ISO 15926 from other, less formal attempts at standards development. Other standards initiatives have broken down due to their inability to scale the submissions process, cover the structural requirements of multiple disciplines and provide an enterprise-grade technology foundation.'' 
     64=== Reference Data Service (RDS) === 
     65PCA operates the [wiki:Rds RDS] as a public service for the global process industry including oil and gas. RDS contains all reference data in ISO 15926, the Oil & Gas Ontology (OGO), reference data from EU projects in environment and pipelines, reference data for capital intensive project, as well as some reference data from defence and ship industries. The Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Norwegian Oil Industry (OLF) have funded the development of The Reference Data System and is now funding the operation of the system. 
     71=== Capital Intensive Projects === 
     72PCA and its members are running a [wiki:IdsAdi Intelligent Data Sheets (IDS)] project in close and productive collaboration with the “Accelerated Deployment of ISO 15926 (ADI)” project in FIATECH focusing on data sheets for equipment in capital intensive projects like offshore field development project. However, the solutions for the data sheets are interoperable and well suited for the supply chain in all phases of a capital asset. The IDS project is a research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council for the period 2006-2009. 
     79#[[Image(, nolink, 150px)]] 
     81''Integrated Operations'' 
     83=== Integrated Operations === 
     84The Norwegian Oil Industry (OLF) has defined IO as "real time data onshore from offshore fields and new integrated work processes". OLF has decided to use ISO 15926 as the instrument for integrating data across disciplines and business domains. This integration process requires an Oil & Gas Ontology (OGO). The OGO is stored in RDS and the [wiki:Sig Special Interest Groups (SIGs)] continuously maintain, enhance and extend the ontologies within the different business domain in the EP value chain. 
     86=== [wiki:PCA/SemanticDays Semantic Days] === 
     87[wiki:PCA/SemanticDays Semantic Days] is an annual conference that has become a meeting place for industrial use of semantic web technologies where also research institutions and universities make significant contributions. The conference has taken place in 2006, [wiki:PCA/SemanticDays2007 2007], [wiki:PCA/SemanticDays2008 2008], [wiki:PCA/SemanticDays2009 2009] and [wiki:PCA/SemanticDays2010 2010]. Follow the links for programmes and presentations. 
     89=== PCA - Forums and member meetings === 
     90PCA has three forums and member meetings yearly, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. 
     92October 2009: Member meeting i K.L., Malaysia. The presentations and proceedings are found [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting200907 here] 
     94Febuary 2009: Member meeting i Houston, USA. Find [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting200902 presentations and the meeting program here] 
     96October 2008: Member meeting in K.L., Malaysia. [wiki:PCA/MemberMeeting200810 presentations and meeting program here]. More than 150 participated in the meeting. Follow the link for the presentations. 
     98== About == 
     99The POSC Caesar Association website is powered on [ Trac] using a [google:"define:wiki" wiki], the [ svn version control system] a ticketing system, discussion forums and more making the website a powerful and efficient tool for collaboration. 
     101To get your PCA Trac account, send a request to [ RDS Operations Support Services]. 
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