Template CIPcSQQ: Assignment of indirect property range

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Purpose of the template

This template is suitable for expressing that a property that applies to a class of individuals is restricted, with regard to magnitude, to a given range of values.



The following table indicates what the roles (or "arguments"), are, and the requirements on entity types for each.


role names: Class Restricted Property of the Class Property type Scale Lower bound Upper bound
entity types required: CO Individual CO CO Relationship Single Property Dimension Scale Express Real Express Real

Normative representation in first-order logic

Examples of expressions that this template should be able to represent

The following are examples of sentences that this template is intended to represent. Note that we make no assumption that the ISO 15926 are sufficient to express every aspect of the natural-language expressions. On the contrary, the point of creating the template is that the aspects that are required for a common representation are sufficiently captured.

1. “The body height of a human is a length property which varies from 50 to 250 cm

This could be expressed, for instance, as a statement

CIPcSQQ( human, body height, length, cm, "50", "250" ),

or by filling in a table as follows,

CIPcSQQ: human body height length cm 50 250

2. “The ambient temperature during operation of a 3051CG pressure transmitter should be [a temperature] within -40 and 85 degrees Celsius.”


CIPcSQQ: 3051CG pressure transmitter ambient temperature during operation temperature Celsius -40 85

The result of evaluating an instance of the template with this input is shown in the graph below.

Graph illustrating an example

This graph illustrates an example of a set of ISO 15926-2 statements that represent a fact that fits the template's pattern.

Source for the template graph

    !c{transmitter}{3051CG}{CO Individual}  [r]  !r{relCOIP}{CO Indirect Property}
      [u(.5)] !r{spAmbtemp}{Specialization}
      [u(.5)] !c{ambtemp}{Ambient Temperature}{CO Indirect Property}
    [r(1.5)] !c{range}{\txt{Temperature Range\\-40$^\circ$ -- 85$^\circ$ C\\~}}{Property Range}
    (!s{relCOIP}{transmitter}{CO Possessor}{range}{Property Space})
      [u(1.5)] !r{ubound}{Upper Bound Of Property Range}
      [r(1.5)] !c{utemp}{Temperature 85$^\circ$ C}{Property}
      [r] !r{upq}{Property Quantification}
      [r] !c{85}{85}{Arithmetic Number}
      [r] !r{ucoi}{CO Identification}
      [r] !c{str85}{"85"}{ExpressReal}
      [d(1.5)] !r{lbound}{Lower Bound Of Property Range}
      [r(1.5)] !c{ltemp}{Temperature -40$^\circ$ C}{Property}
      [r] !r{lpq}{Property Quantification}
      [r] !c{-40}{-40}{Arithmetic Number}
      [r] !r{lcoi}{CO Identification}
      [r] !c{str-40}{"-40"}{ExpressReal}
    [r(1.5)] !c{temp}{Temperature}{Single Property Dimension}
    ([u(.75)] !r{uclt}{Classification} !s{uclt}{temp}{Classifier}{utemp}{Classified})
    ([d(.75)] !r{lclt}{Classification} !s{lclt}{temp}{Classifier}{ltemp}{Classified})
    [r] !c{celsius}{Celsius}{Scale}
    ([u(.75)] !r{uclc}{Classification} !s{uclc}{celsius}{Classifier}{upq}{Classified})
    ([d(.75)] !r{lclc}{Classification} !s{lclc}{celsius}{Classifier}{lpq}{Classified})
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