Mandate for the Technical Advisory Board


The Technical Advisor Board (TAB) will facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration between the SIGs and between the SIGs and their parent organisation boards. The TAB will extend its collaboration to other organizations that are complementary or overlapping with the goals of the ISO 15926 community. The TAB will provide an organizational frame and provide technical guidance to SIG activities and help each SIG achieve its deliveries and goals.


The TAB is to safeguard and promote the oil and gas industry interests within the area of the RDL. The TAB’s work must be based on POSC Caesar Association’s Articles of Association and its strategies and main tasks, the methodology and principle of ISO 15926 and ISO Maintenance Agency. Furthermore, The TAB must be goal-oriented and result-oriented. The TAB shall ensure that the multiple industries get access to reference data of very high quality by contributing to:

  • Facilitate SIG collaboration between MIMOSA, Fiatech, Energistics and POSC Caesar Association’s (PCA)
  • Facilitate inter-SIG collaboration
  • Develop and maintain a SIG roadmap that provides an overall plan for ISO 15926 domains
  • Status SIG progress and address any challenges
  • Provide guidance, tools, resources and the base rules for SIG operation
  • Market and evangelize the SIGs and promote the creation of SIGs where gaps appear on the roadmap
  • Making recommendation for further enhancement of reference data across all domains
  • Responsible for the formal approval of changes and enhancement of the PCA RDL within the various domains according to procedures given by ISO 15926 Part 6 and PCA’s rules and procedures


The TAB reports to the General Manager of PCA. The TAB operates as a board made up of the following members:

  • TAB Chair is nominated by the PCA board
  • TAB co-Chair nominated by the TAB Chair and approved by the PCA General Manager
  • All SIG Chairs
  • MIMOSA and Fiatech Technical representative appointed by their organization
  • PCA Technical Advisors nominated by the TAB and approved by the PCA General Manager
  • PCA RDS Technical Lead appointed by PCA RDS
  • Any other high value contributors nominated by the TAB board and approved by the PCA General Manager

PCA’s staff will handle the administrative tasks.

The TAB is a quorum when at least 30% of the members are present. Each member has one vote. Simple majority makes decisions.

Way of working

The TAB shall have a least four (4) meetings per year. One meeting ought to be in person in connection with some major arrangement somewhere. The other meetings should be executed as efficient as possible using web conferencing technology. All work shall be conducted according to good business practices. The General Manager shall see to that there is sufficient co-ordination between the TAB and other ongoing activities outside of PCA and that the TAB activities conform to PCA’s general policies and strategies.


The TAB exists until terminated by the Board of Directors.

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