PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, February 28th 2013

Time and place

28.02.2013, 2.30PM - 3.30PM (CET)
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Next meeting: April 4th 2013, 2.30-3.30PM CET


Darius Kanga, Geiza Hamazaki, Keith Willshaw, Onno Paap, Victor Agroskin, Markus Stumptner, Steve Wilkie, Devesh Sachar, Mikhail Fedorov, Gabriel Lopez and Lillian Hella (MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. Preview/demo of the iRING TIP editor
  4. Namespaces - voting options for actual namespaces
  5. Availability of 15926.org-templates in PCA RDL
  6. Items in PCA RDL not assigned with valid R#
  7. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

1. Approval of agenda

2. Approval of MoM from last meeting

3. Preview/demo of the iRING TIP editor
iRING TIP editor is work in progess. In the editor one can search for and generate patterns. The tool has drag and drop functionality. The TIP definitions are stored in a SQL database at the moment. They plan to change when they have another representation (rdf), so that the patterns will be available as queryable reference data. Victor has also included pattern functionality in his .15926 editor, so more insight in the database representation in the TIP editor would be valuable. Darius will facilitate this.

4. Namespaces - voting options for actual namespaces
We will consider namespaces for

  • Part 8 (which is an ISO standard and needs to have a namespace in the ISO domain)
  • PCA RDL (find out JORD position on core domain for namespaces)

We need to consider these as a whole. JORD position for PCA RDL namespaces will be a starting point for further discussion and proposals for namespaces. We need to have this before alternatives are considered and a voting process is initiated.

5. Availability of 15926.org-templates in PCA RDL
Both 15926.org-templates from http://www.15926.org/15926_template_specs.php?sid=291f7997e4a8da2fd5ae813517b34095 and iRING templates in Part 8 format (created by Victor) has been published in a PCA sandbox (so far in two different graphs); http://posccaesar.org/sandbox/p8iwg/ as a temporary solution (set up for Part 8 Implementation Workgroup). It will be more convenient to have two separate endpoints for each of the template sets, so a new sandbox will be created. Otherwise the endpoint works fine and the content is accessible. Feedback is welcome.

6. Items in PCA RDL not assigned with valid R#
There are several R# that have the rdsWipEquivalent pointing to a non-existing RDS#. PCA is working on this, and will included it in the work currently going on with regards to IDs. Steve will send the query they have used to find all the missing links so that Lillian can compare with her numbers so that we find out how many items that are affected. There are several companies that would benefit from fixing these relations.

We also note that there have been changes to unique numbering of items the spreadsheets from Part 4. Part 4 spreadsheets are available here. Lillian will follow this up.

See http://15926.org/viewforum.php?f=25 for dialogues in the project. For publications, including Lifecycle data for Margin Management see http://15926.org/publications/HEED/ .
http://15926.org/publications/HEED/HEED-lifecycle-data/facade-contents.htm shows the Working set for HEED ISO mappings. It comes with the RDF/XML listing of these data after mapping to ISO 15926. For each data cell you get to the applicable ISO 15926 template instance. It will be useful with a review of these.

8. A.O.B.
It is not necessary to send out a new notification for items that are added to the agenda before the meeting after the reminder has been sent out.
The next meeting is rescheduled to April 4 due to meeting conflict.

Action Items

Action 13.04 Steve to send Lillian SPARQL query used to find number of missing rdsWipEquiavelents (Steve)
Action 13.05 Check extent of change in numbers of Part 4 items and what the future plans are (Lillian)
Action 13.06 Provide information about the structural specification of patterns used in the TIP editor (Darius)
Action 13.07 Create new sandbox and separate 15026.org-templates and iRING templates. Send out notification when it has been done (Lillian)

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