PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, November 28th 2013

Time and place

28.11.2013, 2.30PM - 3.30PM (CET)
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Next meeting: December 19th 2013, 2.30-3.30PM CET


Keith Willshaw, Onno Paap, Geiza Hamazaki, Hans Teijgeler, Victor Agroskin and Lillian Hella (MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. Review some of the actions from last meeting
  4. Status template review
    1. What to evaluate - signature and axiom - more?
    2. Additional information for review? Checklist questions?
      1. Is the template name correct, unambiguous, unique and clear to its meaning?
      2. Is the Template name is proper CamelCase?
      3. Does the template have a proper defaultRdsId?
      4. Is the subclassOf correct?
      5. Is the description correct?
      6. Is the definition correct?
      7. Is the example correct?
      8. Does the template have a lifted template model?
      9. Is the model correct?
      10. Are the Role Names correct?
      11. Is the use of has and val correct in the role names?
      12. Are the Role object types correct?
      13. Is there a first order logic axiom?
      14. Is the axiom reflecting the template model correctly?
    3. Any deliverable as a result of the evaluation?
  5. Reschedule December meeting
  6. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

1. Approval of agenda

2. Approval of MoM from last meeting

3. Review some of the actions from last meeting
Action 13.15 is no longer relevant as Hans has made a new templete model. This needs to be discussed as a separate issue. An announcement and notification about the template review has not been sent out yet (Action 13.17). However, there will be some more coordination between Onno and Lillian to prepare the material. We will try to have a notification and announcement about the review sent out before the end of next week (week 49). Until further notice, template content will be published in sandboxes (Action 13.18).

4. Status template review
The focus in the review are signatures and FOL axioms. A checklist will be made to support reviewers, based on the internal review checklist for ISO. The items proposed for the checklist have been reviewed and the following has been decided:

  1. Inlucde as is
  2. Inlucde as is
  3. Exclude
  4. Exclude - there can be many classifiers - this will be a separate discussion
  5. Include as is
  6. Inlucde as is
  7. Inlucde as is
  8. Inlucde, and check if this can be made available as part of the Linked Data pages
  9. Exclude
  10. Inlucde as is
  11. Exclude
  12. Include, but remove type and use Role restriction instead
  13. Inlucde as is
  14. Include, but place earlier (after nr 6)

There will first be period to collect comments, and then a voting. The end result after evaluation should be a set of approved templates that should be handed over to PCA (cooperation between proposer and PCA). There will also be a file that summarizes the review process by the proposer (together with PCA). The first version of the documentation can be reviewed afterwards to provide feedback on important parts, not so important parts or anything that should be added to the documentation.

5. Reschedule December meeting
The next MMT meeting will be held December 19th.

6. A.O.B
No items proposed.

Action Items

Action 13.19 Checklist item 8 and PCA´s Linked Data pages (Lillian)

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