PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, March 29th 2012

Time and place

26.04.2012, 8.30PM - 9.30PM (CEST))
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Next meeting: 31.05.2012, 7.30AM - 8.30AM (CEST)


Darius Kanga, Gabriel Lopez, Keith Willshaw, Onno Paap, Robin Benjamins, Peter Denno, and Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen (MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. MMT Core Group
  4. List of topics to model (Onno/Hans)
  5. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meetings

1. Approval of agenda


2. Approval of MoM from last meeting


3. MMT Core Group
It was proposed to establish a MMT Core Group. The idea with the core group is that they commit themselves to the work of reviewing and approving modelling solutions. From the discussions about the core group it was realised that there actually exist two needs:

  • A group of people that volunteer to spend time reviewing and commenting proposed models.
  • The ability to handle deadlocks in the core group.

Suggested Core group:
Victor Agroskin, Mikhail Federov, Ian Glendinning, Geiza Hamazaki, Darius Kanga, Onno Paap, Rahul Patil, Pavel Selchukov, Hans Teijgeler, Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen, Magne Valen-Sendstad, and Keith Willshaw.

Suggested Deadlock group:
Ian Glendinning, Onno Paap, Pavel Selchukov, Magne Valen-Sendstad and Keith Willshaw.

The core group should vote on 15926.org. Anyone in the core group can request a deadlock vote, no matter whether it is just one person against everybody else.

It is important to keep the workload on the core group at a reasonable level.

4. List of topics to model
For priority on modelling issues, the following list was suggested by Hans:

Before we discuss templates we need to discuss:

1) the lifecycle model, see http://www.15926.info/cradle-to-grave/index.htm[[br]] 2) the class variant model, see http://www.15926.info/plant-design/index.htm

List of templates:

Nr 1) defines how we model information about the various lifecycle stages.
Nr 2) influences all class templates, in that we need to add the Ur-Class to all of them, to come to a set-up that is comparable with the temporal parts of possible individuals.

For the templates I refer to http://www.infowebml.ws/mapping-methodology/index.htm

The list was approved as the “correct” priority list with no comments.

5. A.O.B.
There were not many people present in the meeting. This might be due to the time of the day. We will keep up with three different times for a while, but if it turns out that the attendance continue to be exceptionally low at this time of the day we will have to consider changing it.

Action Items

Action 07.12 Send invitation to people suggested as members of the core group - Kari Anne (due date:
Action 08.12 Wrap up the lifecycle model and variant model for core group to review - Hans and Onno

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