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Action 13.13 Change meeting invite (Lillian)
Action 13.12 Spelling mistake in JORD ID spec? - predicate page 10 b) (Lillian)
Action 13.11 Start new topic in forum - Part 4 redirection (Onno)
Action 13.10 Ask Nils and David - Part 4 namespace, possible ISO/PCA agreement (Lillian)
Action 13.09 Prepare for discussion about namespace alternatives and namespace poll (Onno)
Action 13.08 ID Spec examples as new topic in Forum + spelling in ID Spec (Lillian)
Action 13.07 Create new sandbox and separate and iRING templates. Send out notification when it has been done (Lillian)
Action 13.06 Provide information about the structural specification of patterns used in the TIP editor (Darius)
Action 13.05 Check extent of change in numbers of Part 4 items and what the future plans are (Lillian)
Action 13.04 Steve to send Lillian SPARQL query used to find number of missing rdsWipEquiavelents (Steve)
Action 13.03 Invites to the agreed time slot for future MMT meetings (Lillian)
Action 13.02 Prepare some information about plans for the TIP editor (Darius)
Action 13.01 Create topic in forum for HEED mappings (Onno)


Action 14.12 Investigate and clarify relations/differences between the two Geometry communities (Kari Anne). (In meeting on September 27th)
Action 13.12 Wrap up the namespace discussion and initiate a voting process (Onno, Kari Anne). (In meeting on September 27th)
Action 12.12 Start a discussion on TemporalWholePart vs. WholeLifeIndividaul at the forum (Onno). (In meeting on September 27th)
Action 11.12 Start a discussion on PCA RDL Technical requirements at the forum(Onno) (In meeting on September 27th)
Action 10.12: Close up current discussions on the forum and open new discussions according to agreement in this meeting - Onno and Kari Anne (In meeting on June 7th)
Action 09.12: Send out new invite to all members of the MMT group - Kari Anne (In meeting on June 7th)
Action 08.12: Wrap up the lifecycle model and variant model for core group to review - Hans and Onno (In meeting on April 26th)
Action 07.12: invitation to people suggested as members of the core group - Kari Anne (In meeting on April 26th)
Action 06.12: Clean up the PCA MMT wiki – Kari Anne and Onno
Action 05.12: Set up a wiki page for the working session on aligning the template approaches - Kari Anne
Action 04.12: Set up a doodle for future meetings – Kari Anne
Action 03.12: Make a list of relevant/important projects and invite project leader to be member of our group (Onno and Kari Anne).
Action 02.12: Decide on a good solution for a Sandbox (Onno and Viktor with the main responsibility to come up with a solution. Others can join the discussion in our google group. )
Action 01.12: Set up a google group for discussions (Onno).

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