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Proposed Core Template PropertyRealValueRestrictionOfClass

This template is for assigning a typed indirect property to a class of individual, with magnitude given as a real number and a scale.

PropertyRealValueRestrictionOfClass(a, b, c, d) means that a is a ClassOfIndirectProperty, b is a ClassOfArrangedIndividual to which the relation applies, c is a floating point number with the property value and d is the Scale as unit of measurement.

1 hasPropertyType ClassOfIndirectProperty
2 hasPossessorClass ClassOfArrangedIndividual
3 valPropertyValue ExpressReal
4 hasScale !Scale


EXAMPLE The statement PropertyRealValueRestrictionOfClass(MAXIMUM DISCHARGE PRESSURE, XYZ-type PUMP, 10, MEGAPASCAL) describes catalog data.

Revision log

01/16/2011OnnoPaapDEPRECATED. Reason: On class level a ClassofIndirectProperty relates to a PropertySpace. Subclasses of PropertySpace are things like PropertyRange and SinglePropertyDimension. It cannot relate to a Property. In other words: on class level there are no properties with a single point value, only ranges. This figures, as it states the rules for membership. The example used could read: PropertyRangeMagnitudeRestrictionOfClass(XYZ-type PUMP, MAXIMUM DISCHARGE PRESSURE, MEGAPASCAL, 10.0, 10.4) and that would define the rule of membership of XYZ-type PUMP's maximum discharge pressure to be called 10 megapascal to all pumps able to produce a discharge pressure of 10 to 10.4 megapascals.
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