Template ParticipatorInActivity

This is a template for describing a typed participation of a possible individual in an activity.
ParticipatorInActivity (a, b, c, d, e) means that a is an instance of a (temporal part of)!Activity, b is the type of activity, c is the (temporal part of) object participating in the activity, d is the role this participator has in the activity, and e is the type of the participator.

1 hasActivity !Activity
2 hasActivityType ClassOfActivity
3 hasParticipator PossibleIndividual
4 hasRoleAndDomain RoleAndDomain
5 hasClassOfIndividual ClassOfIndividual


ParticipatorInActivity (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5) <-> 
Activity(x1) & 
ClassOfActivity (x2) & 
PossibleIndividual(x3) & 
RoleAndDomain (x4) & 
ClassOfIndividual(x5) & 
ClassificationTemplate(x1,x2) & 
  exists y1 (ParticipationTriple(y1, x3, x1) &
    exists y2 ( exists y3 (
    ClassOfParticipationTriple(y3, y2, x2) &
    SpecializationTemplate(y2, x4) &
    SpecializationTemplate(y2, x5) &
    ClassificationTemplate(x3, y2) &
    ClassificationTemplate(y1, y3) ))) .

NOTE: the roles x4 and x5 could be replaced by one role of type ParticipatingRoleAndDomain, but that kind of class will probably not find its way into the Core RDL. And if it does, there still needs to be defined a RoleAndDomain and a ClassOfIndividual as its superclasses, which means the same amount of work (only not attached to the template at hand).

EXAMPLE The activity Hydrostatic Test 123 of a Pipe Line ABC;

For the Hydrostatic Test of the pipe line system (Pipe Line ABC is part in the test): ParticipatorInActivity (123, PIPELINE PRESSURE TEST, 2345, SUBJECT IN, PIPELINE SYSTEM)

Analysis diagram:

For the Tester of the activity 123 (Joe Blow the inspector): ParticipatorInActivity (123, PIPELINE PRESSURE TEST, 6789, INSPECTION, INSPECTOR)

Analysis diagram:

For the Test Fluid type used (water): ParticipatorInActivity (123, PIPELINE PRESSURE TEST, 654, TEST FLUID, WATER)

Analysis diagram:

01/16/2011OnnoPaapRenamed from ClassifiedParticipation to ParticipatorInActivity. New roles for the template. Analyzed. Released.
01/17/2011OnnoPaapRepaired error in axiom.


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