Base Template IndirectPropertyScaleReal

This template is for assigning a typed indirect property to an individual, with magnitude given as a real number and a scale.

IndirectPropertyScaleReal(a, b, c, d) means that a is is a ClassOfIndirectProperty, b a (temporal part of) PossibleIndividual to which the relation applies, c is a floating point number with the property value and d the Scale as unit of measurement. b has a a type of ClassOfIndirectProperty, which has c value and d unit of measurement.

1 hasPropertyType ClassOfIndirectProperty
2 hasPropertyPossessor PossibleIndividual
3 valPropertyValue ExpressReal
4 hasPropertyScale Scale


IndirectPropertyScaleReal(x1, x2, x3, x4) <-> 
ClassOfIndirectProperty(x1) & 
PossibleIndividual(x2) & 
ExpressReal(x3) & 
Scale(x4) & 
exists u(InstanceOfIndirectProperty(x1, x2, u) & 
RealMagnitudeOfProperty(u, x3, x4)) . 
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