Template FlangeConnection

This template is for describing a flange connection of 2 Individuals.

FlangeConnection(a, b, c, d) means that a and b are (temporal parts of) PossibleIndividual that are connected indirectly through a gasket of type c and a set of bolts of type d.

1 hasSide1 PossibleIndividual
2 hasSide2 PossibleIndividual
3 hasGasketType ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject
4 hasBoltType ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject


FlangeConnection(x1, x2, x3, x4) <-> 
PossibleIndividual(x1) &
PossibleIndividual(x2) & 
ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject(x3) &
ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject(x4) &
SpecializationTemplate(x3, Gasket) &
SpecializationTemplate(x4, AggregateOfBolts) &
exists y1 (Port(y1) & exists u1 (FeatureWholePartTriple(u1, y1, x1) & ClassificationTemplate(u1, ComponentHasPort)) &
           exists y2 (Port(y2) & exists u2 (FeatureWholePartTriple(u2, y2, x2) & ClassificationTemplate(u2, ComponentHasPort))) &
           exists y3 (PossibleIndividual(y3) & ClassificationTemplate(y3, x3)) &
           exists y4 (PossibleIndividual(y4) & ClassificationTemplate(y4, x4)) &
           exists v1 (PossibleIndividual(v1) & TemporalWholePartTemplate(v1, y1) &
           exists v2 (PossibleIndividual(v2) & TemporalWholePartTemplate(v2, y2)) &
           exists w1 (IndirectConnectionTriple(w1, v1, v2) & ClassificationTemplate(w1, PortConnectsToPort) &
           exists v3 (PossibleIndividual(v3) & TemporalWholePartTemplate(v3, y3)) &
           exists v4 (PossibleIndividual(v4) & TemporalWholePartTemplate(v4, y4)) &
           exists w3 (IndividualUsedInConnectionTriple(w3, w1, v3) & ClassificationTemplate(w3, UsedGasket)) &
           exists w4 (IndividualUsedInConnectionTriple(w4, w1, v4) & ClassificationTemplate(w4, UsedBolt))))) .

EXAMPLE The statement FlangeConnection(FLANGE123, NOZZLE345, GASKET STEEL 08KP OST567, 6 BOLTS M6x8 GOST789)

Analysis diagram


Classes of relationships ComponentHasPort, PortConnectsToPort, UsedGasket and UsedBolt should already exist in RDL. AggregateOfBolts should be modelled separately according to Hans's diagram: http://www.15926.info/aggregate-of-individual/index.htm


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