Base Template ClassifiedIdentification

This is a template for typed naming of things.

ClassifiedIdentification(a, b, c) means that b is a string and c a type of name assignment, and that b is a c-type name for a.

1 hasObject Thing
2 valIdentifier ExpressString
3 hasContext ClassOfClassOfIdentification


ClassifiedIdentification(x1, x2, x3) <-> 
Thing(x1) & 
ExpressString(x2) & 
ClassOfClassOfIdentification(x3) & 
exists u(ClassOfIdentificationTriple(u, x2, x1) & 
ClassificationTemplate(u, x3)) . 

EXAMPLE The statement ClassifiedIdentification(Alfred,PN4723, Employee No. ACME Co.) (e.g., an assignment of employee number)

NOTE This template assigns names to things, and a type (a classifier) to the assignments themselves. An intended use is for the classifier to represent a context in which the name assignment is valid.

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