Base Template ClassificationOfRelationship

This is a template for giving type to relationships. It is a classification template, restricted to classifying pairs of things as members of relations.

ClassificationOfRelationship(a, b) means that a is an ordered pair, b is a relation, and a is a member of b.

1 hasPair Relationship
2 hasRelation ClassOfRelationship


ClassificationOfRelationship(x1, x2) <-> 
Relationship(x1) & 
ClassOfRelationship(x2) & 
ClassificationTemplate(x1, x2) . 

NOTE See also InstanceOfRelation.

EXAMPLE ClassificationOfRelationship(hAlfred,ACME Co.i, Employment) expands to a representation structured as in the following diagram. Note that — the definition of the first argument (the specification of the entity type and members for the ordered pair) is not given as part of the template statement, — the entity type Relationship is abstract. In a valid instantiation of this template, the ordered pair will have an entity type that is a subtype of Relationship,

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