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Mandate for the Special Interest Groups


The Special Interest Groups for all discipline and business domains shall work for the consistency and the quality of the POSC Caesar Association’s reference data in their defined domain and for making these data completely compliant with the data model in ISO 15926 Part 2.


The SIG is to safeguard and promote the oil and gas industry interests within the area of the RDL. The SIG’s work must be based on POSC Caesar Association’s Articles of Association and its strategies and main tasks, the methodology and principle of ISO 15926 and ISO Maintenance Agency. Furthermore, The SIG must be goal-oriented and result-oriented. The SIG shall ensure that the oil and gas industry gets access to reference data of very high quality by contributing to:

  • Making recommendation for further enhancement of reference data within its domain
  • Quality assurance and formal approval of all changes and enhancement of the RDL within its domain according to procedures given by ISO MA, ISO 15926 Part 6 and POSC Caesar Association’s rules and procedures
  • Developing and maintaining an ISO standard as a part of ISO 15926
  • Establishing good dialogue arenas with all interested parties in the industry, in research and educational institutions and the authorities, and to clearly communicate the industry’s position on key issues in this field


The SIG reports to the General Manager. A representative from POSC Caesar Association’s membership and with acknowledge leadership within its domain, is appointed as chairperson for the SIG. All member organizations’ of POSC Caesar Association may appoint a representative to the SIG. The SIG ought to have a global representation as soon as possible. POSC Caesar Association’s staff handles the administrative tasks.

The SIG is a quorum when at least 50% of the members are present. Each member has one vote. Simple majority makes decisions.

Way of working

The SIG shall each year within June 1, suggest a work program and a budget for the following year. The SIG shall have at least two (2) meetings per year. One meeting ought to be in person in connection with some major arrangement somewhere. The other meetings should be executed as efficient as possible using modern technology. All work shall be conducted according to good business practices. The General Manager shall see to that there is sufficient co-ordination between the SIG and other ongoing activities within POSC Caesar Association and that the SIG activities conform to POSC Caesar Association’s general policies and strategies.

By development of POSC Caesar Association statement or resolution, the SIG, ought to seek unanimously adoption. However, in such a way that individual member may make reservations and, if desirable, cite eventual deviating point of views to the statement or resolution.

Ad-hoc working groups/projects may be established when needed.


The SIG exists until terminated by the Board of Directors.

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