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Ongoing work

The responsibility for the PCA Instrumentation and Control SIG in this context is to review classes and relationships proposed for PCA standardization by the EqHub project.

The following files provide documentation of the reference data work performed in the EqHub project:

An EqHub taxonomy is part of the delivery covering stage 1 and 2 of the EqHub project. For quality assurance of reference data, it is necessary with reviews from domain experts. To send comments, attach the comment document to an email and send it to rdssupport@…. Your feedback is very much appreciated. All comments will be registered, and the PCA Instrumentation and Control SIG will later propose resolutions on the received comments.

It is useful to read the “How to read the taxonomy” document before commenting on the EqHub taxonomy. In addition to the administrative information in the header, there are five columns that need to be filled out in the form:

  1. Initials of the person who submitted the comment (e.g. NN1, NN2, NN3 and so on for each new comment)
  2. Concept reference - Unique reference to the concept relevant for the comment (hierarchy.idPCA in column A) from the spreadsheet in EqHubTaxonomy.xls
  3. Type of comment - general, technical or editorial
  4. Comment
  5. Proposed change – if you have a suggestion for how your comment can be fixed, please provide information here. Leave blank if you have no alternative solution.
  1. is used to record proposed resolutions and should not be filled in. It will be filled in by the SIG chair when the SIG has concluded a resolution.

The following documents are relevant for the review of the EqHub taxonomy:

About PCA
Reference Data Services