FIATECH PCA Instrument and Control, April 5th 2016

Time and place

05.04.2016, 3.00PM - 4.00PM (CET)
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Next meeting: April 19th 2016, 3.00-4.00PM CET


Hindrik Koning, Heiner Temmen, Darijus Strasunskas (MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda.
  2. Approval of MoM.
  3. Status of DEXPI incl. model for instrumentation.
  4. Status of STI.
  5. Top classes of instruments.
  6. CDD and Hierarchy in PCA RDL
  7. Coordination of Reference Data development, maintenance and enhancement
  8. Agenda for the next meeting.
  9. Review of Actions
  10. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

  1. Approval of agenda.


  1. Approval of MoM.


  1. Status of DEXPI incl. model for instrumentation.

Instrumentation model is clarified. Manfred Theissen will implement last open points (to be implemented by mid of April). Next DEXPI meeting 12th of April in Frankfurt. The document will be distributed after the meeting.
Voting system identification on functional P&IDs was discussed to what extent is should be included.

Rotating electrical machines are completed. Hindrik has submitted it to Hans. Later it will be distributed.

  1. Status of STI.

Working on alignment of equipment types with IEC CDD.

  1. Top classes of instruments.

Proposal for top hierarchy is ready and submitted to SC4. It will be sent to Heiner. Others please contact Darijus.

  1. CDD and Hierarchy in PCA RDL

Nothing new to report except work related to the STI project (see above).

  1. Coordination of Reference Data development, maintenance and enhancement

Tighter collaboration in future between STI and DEXPI would be useful. Maintenance of RDL is important as a part of lifecycle. Changes made should be better communicated. Everyone is encourage to look at []

  1. Agenda for the next meeting.

Keep the same agenda.

  1. Review of Actions

15.07 remains open
16.04 email from Chris is received, answer will follow.
16.07 remains open
16.08 remains open
16.09 the draft sent, the first release is expected after the meeting in Frankfurt mid April. The final document will be distrubted.

  1. A.O.B.


Action items

15.07 Quality assurance of new reference data items for instrumentation for including them in the PCA RDL.
16.04 Chris sends email with questions regading CDD and PCA RDL.
16.07 Hindrik to share IEC and ISA datasheet mapping.
16.08 Come up with specification. Check P&ID package has to fit the control systems, P&ID system itself and information from IEC 62424 and for functionality there is no difference, but working with it is different. CAE for process control act different then computers for configuring automation (PLC) systems. Hindrik starts (first proposal). DEXPI - second one.
16.09 Share DEXPI document for instrumentation (now includes properties). It is planned to be finished in two weeks - Heiner. Received 2016-03-15

New actions
16.10 Hindrik distribute a paper on instrument testing in take over process in chemical process plants vs oil and gas industry.

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