FIATECH PCA Instrument and Control, November 11th 2015

Time and place

11.11.2015, 1.00PM - 2.00PM (CET)
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Hindrik Koning, Bjørn Berli, Chris Binns, Keith Willshaw, Nils Sandsmark (Chair), Heiner Temmen, Lillian Hella, Darijus Strasunskas (MoM)


How to reuse work done on instruments so far

Minutes of Meeting

Hindrik provided overview of work done so far. Files are attached.

Flow transmitters had been chosen to be modelled as they are almost absent in PCA RDL. The propsed hierarchy is based on what is measured by transmitters.
Material looks valuable and will be presented for STI working group on Instruments for review.

It is necessary to clarify what data model is used, Part 2 (namespace dm in the Attached spreadsheet) vs edm. What does edm stand for?
Hans and Hindrik are asked to comment on Part 12 as a top-structure for PCA RDL.

Proposed changes to RDL should contain the following information:

- Clearly identify what is new (additions) and changed (revisions)
- What is the reason for changes
- Who is proposing the changed (a project, a team, etc.)

Next regular SIG meeting will be held on 17th of November, where we will continue this discussion.


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