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SIG Group: Development and Modifications

Development and Modifications stands for the Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of process and power plants, as well as revamping systems that are in operation.

That is a huge scope therefore it is organized separately. These group pages are for general matters, and each SIG has her own pages.

List of active SIG’s



  • RDS/WIP: An online database operated by the IDS-ADI projects and hosted by the DnV company.
  • RDL: Reference Data Library. This is NOT a single database but a federation of online databases together forming the RDL set of classes and reference data. The top of the taxonomy of the RDL is the RDS/WIP. This database ideally contains only core classes and refererence individuals.
  • Class: a type of thing. The class definition describes what all the class members have in common. A Class has no time component (e.g. it is eternal). It's members can be classes or individuals. Individuals have a time component (e.g. they have a time of start existance, of changes, and of end)
  • Reference data: can be Classes but also reference individuals (e.g. individuals that have a wide use of referring to). Examples of reference individuals: the city of London. The state of Texas. POSC Caesar Association.

A SIG comprises of a group of domain matter experts, one or more black belt modelers, and one or more SIG leaders.

The SIG leader is accountable for the SIG domain. PCA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is accountable for the consistency and quality of the reference data across domains.

A 3 step quality process has been defined by IDS-ADI (following the process as defined by the PCA):

  • Handling of submission of terminology from individual domain matter experts, group owners of other reference data entities, and matrix projects.
  • Submission in the Work-In-Progress (RDS/WIP) system
  • Submission for ISO 15926 part 4

Mandate for the Special Interest Groups


The Special Interest Groups for all discipline and business domains shall work for the consistency and the quality of RDS/WIP reference data in their defined domain and for making these data completely compliant with the data model in ISO 15926 Part 2.


The SIG is to safeguard and promote the industry interests within the area of the RDS/WIP. The SIG’s work must be based on

Furthermore, The SIG must be goal-oriented and result-oriented. The SIG shall ensure that the industry gets access to reference data of very high quality by contributing to:

Making recommendation for further enhancement of reference data within its domain Quality assurance and formal approval of all changes and enhancement of the RDS/WIP within its domain according to procedures given by ISO MA, ISO 15926 Part 6 and POSC Caesar’s rules and procedures. Developing and maintaining an ISO standard as a part of ISO 15926. Establishing good dialogue arenas with all interested parties in the industry, in research and educational institutions and the authorities, and to clearly communicate the industry’s position on key issues in this field.


The SIG leader reports to … (tba @todo)


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