Semantic WITSML Annotation - Abstract

There is a lot of data (drilling parameters) captured during drilling today. Most of this data is forwarded from the data-capturing system to other systems, for storage and further analysis. Unique identification of the parameters, so both sender and receiver have the exact same unique conceptual understanding of the nature of the parameter, and belonging attributes (unit of measurement, accuracy timestamp etc.) is a challange. This leads to poor data quality, and misinterpretation.

We will through this initiative build a Drilling Parameter Reference Library and suggest an extension of WITSML to enable different systems to connect to each other and exchange drilling data without the need for ANY integration or data mapping actives.

We will be planning for the following sub-activities.

  • Define a parameter-list with common drilling parameters
  • Transform this list into a reference library containing required semantics for uniquely identification of drilling parameters.
  • Start the process of including the resulting work into ISO15926
  • Cooperate with and suggest for Energistics, extention of WITSML to facilitate for this new functionality.
  • Set up and run a pilot system - as a demonstrator and proof of concept.

The Drilling Parameter Reference Library will also be possible to use - and should be used, in other contexts than WITSML. If differet control systems are exchanging drilling parameters for controlling the drilling process - a reasonable approach will be that this communication also is reference to the Parameter Library to ensure correct mappings. Use of any communication protocol is possible - but parameter identification mechanisms must be included in the communication (data telegrams).

If you have any questions or comments to this work, please contact Mr. Jens I Ornaes, Chair of the PCA Drilling&Completion SIG. email: [email protected]

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