SAWSDL Prototype for Semantic Days 2008

The SAWSDL prototype is developed in cooperation with Odd Frode Torbjørnsen - UiS/Cap Gemini, Kari Anne Thorsen - UiS and Henning Jansen, NOV. The purpose of the prototype is to demonstrate the potential usefulness of SAWSDL as infrastructure of common Oil & Gas upstream data integration. The prototype is demonstrating a small subset of Daily Drilling Report - DDR, (a WITSML compliant XSD standard) and a simplified proprietary dataset in OPC-UA. The purpose of the prototype is to be able to receive a Survey Station in OPC-UA format and express it as DDR.

Survey Station

A Survey Station is a point in the drilling process where a measurement of the inclination and azimuth of the borehole is performed. The Survey Station (the measured point) is used to calculate the trajectory of the well.

Daily Drilling Report - Survey Station

The Daily Drilling Reporting schema has a Survey Station complex element (on line 1333). The survey station consists of the following five fields:

OPC-UA datastructure

Consists of 4 fields, the datetime is omitted.

  • MDEPTH - Measured Depth
  • TVDEPTH - True Vertical Depth
  • INCL_V_DEG - inclination in degrees measured from vertical plane
  • AZMH_TN_DEG - azimuth in degrees measured from true north
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