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The Sandbox

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Here are the SandBox forums


General Assembly

The function of the General Assembly, The Board of Directors and the General Managers are defined in the Articles of Association.

Board of Directors

Thore Langeland, OLF Chairman
Email: tla@…

Neil McPhater, AVEVA
Email: neil.mcphater@…

Ewan Botterill, Intergraph
Email: ewan.botterill@…

Lars Egil Obrestad, StatoilHydro
Email: leo@…

Petter Myrvang, DNV
Email: Petter.Myrvang@…

Chris Jones, Bentley
Email: chris.jones@…

Wan Hassan Wan Mamat, PETRONAS
Email: hassama@…

Principal Officers

General Manager Nils Sandsmark
Phone: +47-67 57 73 73
Mobil: +47-95 85 32 20
Email: nils.sandsmark@…

Technical Manager Magne Valen-Sendstad
Phone: +47-67 57 82 17
Mobil: +47-95 87 78 22
Email: magne.valen-sendstad@…

The Board of Directors has approved the establishment of a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and relevant Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for the maintenance and enhancement of the reference data. The TAB and the SIGs will be started up as soon as the membership provides resources for running these activities and the mandates have been defined.


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