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Using TortoiseSVN to access the document repository

Please note that you need to be a registered user in order to access the repository.

If you would like to have an account created, please contact Johan W. Klüwer ([email protected]) or Martin G. Skjæveland ([email protected]), stating your desired user name.


  1. Step by step: Downloading a local copy of repository (Checkout)
  2. Step by step: Add content to repository

Step by step: Downloading a local copy of repository (Checkout)

Start out by choosing a folder where your copy of the repository wil be stored:

Right-click on the folder to get the following menu, and choose SNV Checkout,

Enter the URL of the repository, and the path in the repository to the folder you wish to check out (here: the projects/IDS-ADI folder as here).

Note: The POSC Caesar Trac and its subversion repository are also available via https, meaning data from the server is sent encrypted (and decrypted on the client computer). If you which to use this added security or your company policy requires it, simply change the url from to

Agree to creating the folder...

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You need to supply your username and password.

The chosen folder, and all subfolders, is downloaded.

The result is a local copy. Note that each folder is marked with a green icon that shows the files are up-to-date.

Step by step: Add content to repository

Create any kind of content inside your local repository like an empty folder or Work document. For example: C:\POSC_Caesar\TRAC\Test Folder. Next, right click the new folder "Test Folder" on your local disc drive. A popup menu will appear:

Select the “Add” command. A window dialog will appear:

Verify by clicking "Ok" button. A new status windows dialog will appear showing the messages from the repository server:

Select the Ok button when you are done reviewing the adding status. The new content is now marked for addition into the repository. Your local repository will now show a status on the new folder as a red tick, indicating that your local copy is changed from the downloaded global version in the repository. To upload (commit) the changed to the global repository right click the folder. You should see a new option in the popup menu:

Select the SVN Commit.

Write a message in the message text area, indicating the change you have or the purpose if the upload. This message is very useful as it allows user of the repository to track the changes to the documents. If the files to upload are not binary content, e.g., text files (.txt), you can double-click the files and see the changes you have made to the file.

Select the "Ok" button to complete the command. Your new content will be uploaded to the TRAC Subversion repository. The follow dialog will status you upload:

You're done!


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