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Intelligent Data Sets Accelerating Deployment of ISO15926

Realizing Open Information Interoperability

RDS/WIP World View: Paths to Interoperability

There are also at least three common approaches to interoperability:

1. Force everyone to speak your language natively. That

means push ISO 15926 definitions out into every software application that counts in your domain and force software

developers to adapt to its structures and way of thinking.

2. Translate from your language to every other language that

you need to. Costly for everyone and a problem that I think ISO 15926 was conceived to redress by the former or the latter options.

3. Collectively identify a language as usefully common and

translate only to and from it. And again, ISO 15926 has a role to play here as that common language.

What I think is important though, is that for the latter the *cost* of translating peer to peer or peer to common, by investing in definitional machinery that can then be used to create a cheap, strong translation engine.

If we take the top-down approach and run it to its conclusion right down at the FOL level on existing templates, and

In one case, you force everyone to speak your language.

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