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ISO 15926-4 Initial reference data

ISO 15926-4 defines an initial set of reference data. Follow the link for more information on the ISO 15926 standard and for resources on the ISO 15926-4 reference data. See ISO 15926-2 for information and resources on the ISO 15926 Data Model.

The PCA RDL is available through other interfaces. These resources are however initial versions and are subject to upgrade or termination in the near future.

This browser is made up of a set of XML pages, one XML file per reference data item, and provide a simple view of the a snapshot of the PCA RDL (Feb. 2008) for both humans by formatting and styling the XML file using XSLT and CSS, and for computers who can read the XML. This same technique is planned used for the RDS/WIP project. The current set of pages have no built-in searching capabilities and no index page, this is why INANIMATE PHYSICAL OBJECT is used as point of entry.
Reference Data Browser
This application has powerful searching abilities, but can thus be slow to search an has a quite complex user interface.
Reference Data Web Services list
These web services are very simplistic and return very little result per query forcing multiple queries to gather a useful set of data.
RDS/WIP project
This project will in the near future give new and powerful browsing capabilities in the PCA RDL. See project page for more information.
Spreadsheet Batch Import Format
Explanation and a template of the spreadsheet format used to batch import reference data item to the ISO 15926 POSC Caesar RDS.
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