How to create a ticket

To make a requests about the RDS - Reference Data Services System and RDL - Reference Data Library you are encouraged to create a ticket.

The RDS Operations Support Tickets are used for handling service requests concerning availability, technical & software support issues for the RDS tools/applications, as well as questions.

Make sure to read the section below to assure valid request registration. The following input fields are mandatory and needs to be correctly filled out before you submit a ticket:

  1. Summary – Title of request
  2. Description of request
  3. Type, make sure Task is selected
  4. Service Area (yet to be defined)

Please do not edit fields which are not listed above as this is used by the RDS Operations Support team.

To select Service Area:
You have to 2 options for Service Area selection: RDS System Request and RDL Content Request.

RDS System: Requests that require assistance on technical issues of availability of Hardware/Software, Report of failure, downtime etc. Includes requests concerning access or modification to access.

RDL Content: Requests concerning the Reference Data Library content, proposals for change requests at Work In Progress (WIP) and the ISO 15926 Standard. Includes content development requests, correction of errors etc.

Use link to create a new ticket or choose New Ticket in the left-side menu. If your prefer e-mail send your request to [email protected]

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