RDS Information Page

This information page will present information about the status on the Reference Data Systems that will be useful for users and interested parties, and includes current and planned changes to the systems. In addition you will find information about changes in the past as the RDS has evolved.


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Current efforts

We are currently working on the Part 12 representation of the PCA Core. The full PCA RDL has been partitioned and Core extracted.

Future plans

Below is a list of planned changes for the existing content and systems:

ISO 15926 Part 4 Improvements

Info about the Part 4 Improvements is available at this webpage http://posccaesar.org/p4/ns/info/

Human-readable URIs

As per the JORD ID Spec, all URI's will be human-readable where possible. These changes will only be reflected in the new namespaces. owl:sameAs or owl:Equivalent properties will be used to link back to the previous version.

Other information


New namespaces has been implemented for data.posccaesar.org/rdl/

Hosting Provider

System is running on new servers with the main server in Amsterdam and the backup server in New York.

For developers

Currently we are using Git (Stash) for managing the RDL. You can take a git clone of the repository.

Browse: http://gitlab.posccaesar.org/data-posccaesar-org/rdl/tree/master

Clone: http://gitlab.posccaesar.org/data-posccaesar-org/rdl.git

API for Computers

Query the server with the query "select * where {?a ?b ?c} limit 10": http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/?query=select%20*%20where%20{?a%20?b%20?c}%20limit%2010

Set the output as xml: http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/?query=select%20*%20where%20{?a%20?b%20?c}%20limit%2010&output=xml You can choose:

  • output=xml
  • output=json
  • output=ttl

(ttl is only for CONSTRUCT or DESCRIBE queries)

Machine readable linked data pages

Example: http://data.posccaesar.org/data/rdl/RDS327239 or by HTTP 303 by appending ?output in the HTTP query string: http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/RDS327239?output=ttl

You can choose:

  • output=xml
  • output=json
  • output=ttl

Or you can set the accept-header to:

  • application/xml
  • application/rdf+xml
  • application/ttl
  • application/json

The return data includes

  • <your uri> ?b ?c
  • ?d ?e <your uri>
  • ?d ?e ?f
  • ?f rdfs:label ?g

File-Downloads of PCA RDL Content

The PCA RDL Content is also available for public access and/or download in different formats:

OWL files: http://rds.posccaesar.org/downloads/PCA-RDL.owl.zip contains the full PCA RDS content in an interim format. For more information on this format and other ISO15926 parts available in OWL formats, see also https://www.posccaesar.org/wiki/ISO15926inOWL Note that namespace for RD items has changed in export file from http://rds.posccaesar.org/2008/06/OWL/RDL# to http://posccaesar.org/rdl/ since April 18. This corresponds to the content in the PCA RDL endpoint.

MS Access Database: http://rds.posccaesar.org/downloads/PCA-RDL.mdb.zip contains the full PCA RDL content, including content not visible in the Java thin-client RDS Browser interface.

Spreadsheet Formats: The "initial set" of ISO15926-4 RD 2007 content remains accessible from ISO SC4. (See http://standards.iso.org/iso/15926/-4/) Updates to these and ISO processes for maintenance of standard reference data as databases are work in progress. Partial report download spreadsheet formats (and upload, see below) from the PCA RDS are also supportable. Please use Operations Support service requests for these.

The old (deprecated) PCA RDL endpoint


Human readable endpoint.


Machine readable endpoint (SPARQL 1.1)

The deprecated PCA RDL Endpoint has two graphs; one for the PCA RDL triples from the OWL file below, and one graph with a map between RDS WIP classes and PCA RDL classes. The mapping file is available here.

Old RDS wiki page: Rds2

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