Not found: RDS13115019Candidate designationCandidate URI
Item{designation='NOMINAL PRESSURE RANGE', pcaid='RDS13115019', definition='A pressure range which is the expected (theoretical / as designed) pressure range.', revision=5785}NOMINAL OPERATING PRESSURE RANGE
Not found: RDS13309755
Item{designation='CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR', pcaid='RDS13309755', definition='A separator which utilize centrifugal forces to separate mixed fluids with different density.', revision=8140}CENTRIFUGE
Not found: RDS337200401
Item{designation='INPUT SIGNAL', pcaid='RDS337200401', definition='A signal applied to the input of an element or system.', revision=8591}DELETED!!!
Not found: RDS337202241
Item{designation='OUTPUT SIGNAL', pcaid='RDS337202241', definition='A signal deliverd by an element or system.', revision=8591}DELETED!!!
Not found: RDS373634
Item{designation='CALIBRATED RANGE UPPER LIMIT', pcaid='RDS373634', definition='The highest value of the measured variable to which a device is actually adjusted to measure within a specified accuracy', revision=8541}DELETED!!!
Not found: RDS40375439114
Item{designation='SCALE', pcaid='RDS40375439114', definition='An ISO 15926.4 RDL class used to mimick its own ISO 15926-2 DM counterpart', revision=5003}ISO 15926-4 SCALE CLASS check !
Not found: RDS4316851453
Item{designation='RANGE', pcaid='RDS4316851453', definition='null', revision=8528}ISO 15926-4 PROPERTY RANGE INSTANCE
Not found: RDS7054463
Item{designation='NUMBER OF VALVES', pcaid='RDS7054463', definition='Number of valves', revision=8883}DELETED!!!
Not found: RDS7355836
Item{designation='ALARM LIMIT HH', pcaid='RDS7355836', definition='A set point that is the limit for activation of the high alarm', revision=5785}ALARM LIMIT HIGH HIGH
Not found: RDS7355881
Item{designation='ALARM LIMIT LL', pcaid='RDS7355881', definition='A set point that is the limit for activation of the low alarm.', revision=5785}ALARM LIMIT LOW LOW
Not found: RDS8501546
Item{designation='JIS B 0155 AIR SUPPLY PRESSURE', pcaid='RDS8501546', definition='A supply pressure which is the nominal pressure of the source which supplies the compressed air to an instrument according to JIS B 0155.', revision=8776}DELETED!!!
SCREW CONVEYORHas two WIP R numbers!! (R43753766870, R84195200377)
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