API for developers

Query the server with the query "select * where {?a ?b ?c} limit 10": http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/?query=select%20*%20where%20{?a%20?b%20?c}%20limit%2010

Set the output as xml: http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/?query=select%20*%20where%20{?a%20?b%20?c}%20limit%2010&output=xml You can choose:

  • output=xml
  • output=json
  • output=ttl

(ttl is only for CONSTRUCT or DESCRIBE queries)

Machine readable linked data pages

Example: http://data.posccaesar.org/data/rdl/RDS327239 or by HTTP 303 by appending ?output in the HTTP query string: http://data.posccaesar.org/rdl/RDS327239?output=ttl

You can choose:

  • output=xml
  • output=json
  • output=ttl

Or you can set the accept-header to:

  • application/xml
  • application/rdf+xml
  • application/ttl
  • application/json

The return data includes

  • <your uri> ?b ?c
  • ?d ?e <your uri>
  • ?d ?e ?f
  • ?f rdfs:label ?g
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