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File-Downloads of PCA RDL Content

Currently we are using Gitlab for managing the RDL. You can take a git clone of the repository.

For production RDL:



For staging RDL



File-Downloads of OLD PCA RDL Content

The PCA RDL Content is also available for public access and/or download in different formats:

OWL files: contains the full PCA RDS content in an interim format. For more information on this format and other ISO15926 parts available in OWL formats, see also Note that namespace for RD items has changed in export file from to since April 18. This corresponds to the content in the PCA RDL endpoint.

MS Access Database: contains the full PCA RDL content, including content not visible in the Java thin-client RDS Browser interface.

Spreadsheet Formats: The "initial set" of ISO15926-4 RD 2007 content remains accessible from ISO SC4. (See Updates to these and ISO processes for maintenance of standard reference data as databases are work in progress. Partial report download spreadsheet formats (and upload, see below) from the PCA RDS are also supportable. Please use Operations Support service requests for these.

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