Reference Data Services

PCA provides services for Reference Data according to the ISO 15926 standard "Industrial automation systems and integration—Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities".

The Reference Data Services include development, maintenance and publication of reference data. This is done in closed collaboration with the industry.

PCA’s Reference Data is published in PCA’s Reference Data Libraries where access is provided under the terms of the PCA Articles of Association, namely "Reference Data Libraries shall be open, i.e. they can be used by everyone for their own purpose, on equal terms."

Currently PCA publishes several types of Reference Data Libraries, with a different underlying way of representing information

  1. The "READI/NOAKA" library is built as a set of ontologies, applying the W3C standard OWL 2 and ISO 15926-14, offering full reasoning capabilities of the ontologies
  2. PCA Reference Data Libraries (RDLs) based on ISO 15926-2 and ISO 15926-12
  3. DISC reference data based on ISO 15926-4 Edition 3
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Reference Data Services