Semantic Days 2011

Semantic Days 2011 was held on June 7-9 at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Holbergsgt. 30, Oslo.

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Conference theme: Open data and Semantic technologies

Presentations Semantic Days 2011

June 7th


Semantic Web Technologylecture01, lecture02, lecture03, lecture04, lecture05, and wrap-up
by Martin Giese and Martin G. Skjæveland, Department of informatics, University of Oslo
Practical use of ISO 15926Introduction, Pressure Transmitter Details, Property Range and Process, and The Life of an Electric Motor by Magne Valen-Sendstad,PCA
iRing Tools by Rob DeCarlo, Bechtel
Interoperability and open data in public sectorSERES - concept API for managing definitions by David Norheim, Computas
SERES og Tjenesteutvikling i Altinn by Geir Jevne, Brønnøysund Registry Centre
Metadatakomponent:Kodebibliotek by Hjørdis Hoff, Brønnøysund Regsitry Centre

June 8th

First day Opening Keynotes

KeynoteInger-Anne Ravlum, State Secretary of Government Administration and Reform
KeynoteValue creation through collaboration, Karl Johnny Hersvik, Director of Research, Statoil
KeynoteThe tax system in an era of transformation, Hans Erik Gravdahl Sørensen, Enterprise Architect, Norwegian Tax Administration

First main session

Session talkDo you care where your data comes from?, Steffen Staab, Professor, University of Koblenz-Landau
Session talkNew collaboration model for environmental monitoring, Vidar Hepsø, PhD, Principal Researcher, Statoil and Professor II, NTNU

Second main session

Theme: Interoperability and open data

Session talkSemantics, linked data and interoperability in Statistics, Rune Gløersen, Director of ICT, Statistics Norway
Session talkThe Digital Agenda for Europe and open data in the cultural sector, Yvo Volman, PhD, European Commission
Session talkData modelling challenges in industrial domains, Trond Solberg, Lead architect, Statoil
Session talkFramework and OpenO&M Initiatives, Ron Montgomery, IBM
Session talkInterlinking the web of data: challenges and solutions, Jerome Euzenat, Senior Researcher, INRIA, Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
Session talkPSOA RuleML:Linked Objects and Rules, Dr. Harold Boley, Adjunct Professor, University of New Brunswick, NRC-IIT, Canada

June 9th

Parallel project sessions

Public sectorPublic sector
-Information Management, Roy Schulte, Gartner Group
- Challenges and opportunities in defining information elements in Swedish Public sector, Viktoria Hagelstedt, Bolagsverket, Sweden
- Legislation - always an obstacle or also a driving force for egovernment?, Mona Lindtvedt, Difi
- May legally defined terms be useful for improved interoperability in the public sector?, Prof. Dag Wiese Schartum, Norwegian Research Center for Computer and Law (NRCCL), Sector for eGovernment Studies University of Oslo
- A data quality framework applied to e-government metadata/conceptual models, Per Myrseth, Det Norske Veritas
IndustryIntegrated Operations in the High North (IOHN).
- The application of semantic models in ISO 15926 by Frédéric Verhelst (project manager IOHN, DNV, Norway)
- Topological model of an oil platform by Bård Henning Tvedt (Epsis, Norway)
- Semantic model for sand production and erosion - An ISO 15926 Use Case by Johan Wilhelm Klüwer (DNV, Norway)
Quality Criteria for ISO15926-8 Compliant Installation Descriptions by Martin Giese (University of Oslo, Norway)
ResearchOpen data and Linked Open Data.
- The Datalift Project: Ontologies, Datasets, Tools and Methodologies to Publish and Interlink Datasets by François Scharffe (University of Montpellier, France)
- Linked Open Data in Norway, by David Norheim (Computas AS, Norway) and Dumitru Roman (SINTEF, Norway)
- How to maintain the primary nature of public sector data: A first foray by Audun Stolpe (University of Oslo, Norway)
- From Linked Data to Linked Rules: Web Rule Essentials by Harold Boley (Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council; Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Canada)
Library, Archives and Museumsauthoritative registries for linked content - places, people, events, topics
- Library linked data: Representations of ”aboutness” by Elise Conradi (NB)
- linked library data by Rurik Greenall (NTNU bibliotek)
- Autoritetsregistre fra Statens Kartverk by Arvid Lilletun (Statens Kartverk)
- Schous Kulturbryggeri - en verden av musikk by Robert Engels (ESIS Norge og Oslo Kommune)

Second day keynotes

KeynoteThe Information Driven Opportunity, Morten Thorkildsen, Chief Executive Officer, IBM Norway
KeynoteOracle, Tore Bjelland, Managing Director, Oracle Norway

Third main session

Theme: Information Quality and Compliance

Session talkEvent Processing, W. Roy Schulte, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Group
Session talkInformation and Data Quality, Trine Hansen, Principle Advisor, DNV and Tor Arne Irgens, CMDR SG T, Norwegian Defence
Session talkThe many dimensions of compliance - from semantic technologies to business use-cases in ISO 15926, Ian Glendinning, Principal Consultant
and Lillian Hella, Semantic Technology Specialist, PCA
Session talkSERES: A Semantic Registry for Enterprise Services, Geir Jevne, Brønnøysund Registries Centre (BRC)
Session talkGovernance, Risk and Compliance Management for Cloud Services – The Semantic Technology Perspective,
Dr. Marcus Spies, Professor, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

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  • E&P Information Management (EPIM)
  • POSC Caesar Association (PCA)
  • Tekna
  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre (BRC)
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces
  • The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF)
  • University of Oslo (UiO)



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