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Semantic Days 2007

Stavanger, April 24-25

The semantic web enables more intelligent use of data for more effective electronic interoperability and collaboration - An exciting opportunity to create world-class knowledge industry based on synergies between established Norwegian industry, the public sector and ICT companies

  • The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) predicts increased earnings of 50 billion dollars from implementation of integrated operations on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • Estimates from the construction industry point to a possible 30 percent cost reduction as benefit of improved interoperability and electronic cooperation
  • Electronic cooperation within and between public sector agencies, and between the public sector and industry are preconditions for improved service development

Real gains from interoperability and electronic collaboration cannot be realized until all actors have a common understanding of the meaning of the terms used in their communication. In this connection the semantic web plays an increasingly important part in all forms of electronic exchange. New technology and new standards are used to capture and describe the meaning of information, such that computers and applications can use the information more intelligently.

Norway has an opportunity to increase its global competitiveness by initiating and enabling cooperation between the public sector, general industry and ICT companies in development of semantic technology for integrated operations.


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