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AGENDA (as of September 12th)

Day 1

209:0009:10Safety Instruction and Doa Recitation
309:1009:30Opening RemarksPETRONASHaris Abdul Majid
409:3010:00PCA Introduction & Standard UpdatesPOSC Caesar AssociationNils Sandsmark
510:0010:30Interoperability Challenges in Integrated Operations ImplementationPETRONASDato' Ir. Wan Hassan Wan Mamat
610:3011:00Morning BreakAVEVA
711:0011:30B2B Records & Document Management - Business Information Management & TechnologyPETRONASYusof Rosli
811:3012:00Collaborative Well Planning – An Effective Way To Reduce The Overall Well Planning CyclePETRONASIr. Zohairen Muhamad Sori
912:0012:30Collaborative Workflows Improve Decision-Making Processes in the Digital Oil FieldHalliburtonCesar Bravo
1012:3014:00Lunch BreakHalliburton
1114:0014:30PETRONAS Standards - Engineering Data Management SystemPETRONASSyed Omar Syed Ahmad
1214:3015:00Samarang Field Integrated Operations (IO) - Enabling Real Time Control and Operation of Remote and Mature AssetSchlumberger - PETRONASMurugesan Karuppanna Gounder
1315:0015:30Vision for project datainterchangeEmersonJonas Berge
1415:3016:00Afternoon Tea BreakIntergraph
1516:0016:30Bringing Simplicity To The World Of Engineering Information ManagementPhusion IMSteve Pearson

Day 2

209:0009:10Safety Instruction and Doa Recitation
309:1009:30Scaling Integrated Operations Solutions across Multiple Assets – Challenges to Enterprise StandardizationPETRONASAbdul Ghaffar Mohamed Dawam
409:3010:00MOGSC Championing The Malaysian Oil and Gas Services SectorMalaysian Oil & Gas Services CouncilSofiyan Yahya
610:0010:30Morning Break
710:3011:00ISO 55000 Based Solution Framework As Part Of Integrated OperationAVEVAHarry Tan
811:0011:30Interoperability.. A Practical Evolutionary Approach..BentleyGlen Worrall
911:3012:00The Role of Abstraction In Project Executiopm FlowsBechtelDarius Kanga
1012:0012:30From Systems Integration To Sustainable Interoperability-The Oil and Gas Interoperability Solutions ProcessMIMOSAAlan Johnston
1112:3014:00Lunch BreakBentley
1214:0014:30Mapping Engineering to Maintenance SystemsNRXStephen Crampton
1314:3015:00Integrating Data Across the Full Asset LifecycleODESIRichard Harris
1415:0015:30Afternoon Tea Break
1515:3016:00SmartPlant Enterprise - Integrated Information Management SolutionsIntergraphRay Howarth
1616:0016:30Panel Discussion
1716:3016:45Closing Remark
1819:0021:00Dinner (Member of the Board)
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