Integrated Operations

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) has defined the term IO as "real time data onshore from offshore fields and new integrated work processes". OLF has suggested a two step implementation plan for IO on the Norwegian Continental Shelf as shown in the figure on the left. Generation 1 (G1) is integration across on- and offshore and generation 2 (G2) is integration between operator and suppliers.

OLF has estimated the economic potential of IO to be NOK 300 billions. With today's oil prices more than 80 % of the potential is related to earlier and increased production.

OLF's IO program is focusing on:

  • Awareness
  • Common cost efficient industry solutions

in the following four activity areas:

  • Communication
    • Transfer of data from well to onshore operation centers
  • Information Security
    • Baseline requirements for accessibility, confidentiality and integrity)
  • Data Integration
  • Implementations
    • Integrated work processes in drilling, development, production and operation

OLF’s information strategy has been developed to make it possible to implement IO Generation 2 which requires data sharing in real time among the stakeholders in any significant activity. The strategy has focus on Semantic Web (based on standards from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)) and ISO standards.

A key element in this strategy is data integration across domains in value chain of E&P. Data integration provides:

  • Improved data quality
  • Improved data accessibility
  • Significant cost reduction with change of software
  • Increased flexibility with organizational changes
  • Improved software functionality

Data integration requires a model or an ontology (terminology for Exploration & Production) and a preliminary set has been developed in close collaboration with the offshore industry and PCA. The ontology is administered by PCA and contains terminology from upstream business processes such as drilling, development, production, operation and HSSE.

PCA, in close collaboration the Norwegian offshore industry, has developed an Oil & Gas Ontology (terminology) for important upstream business processes:

  • Drilling
  • Development
  • Production
  • Operation

The Oil & Gas Ontology is stored in PCA's Reference Data Service (RDS) and available on Internet free of charge.

This ontology has been constructed according to the methodology and technology of ISO and W3C standards.


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