How to use the ticket system

What is the ticket system

The Trac ticket system provides simple but effective way of submitting and tracking issues within a project.

As the central project management element of Trac, tickets are used for project tasks, feature requests, bug reports and software support issues.

As with the TracWiki, this subsystem has been designed with the goal of making user contribution and participation as simple as possible. It should be as easy as possible to report bugs, ask questions and suggest improvements.

An issue is assigned to a person who must resolve it or reassign the ticket to someone else. All tickets can be edited, annotated, assigned, prioritized and discussed at any time.

Who can use the ticket system

Everyone can submit proposals for improvement through the ticket system.

Guidelines for EPIM RUF adminstrators are found here: Ticket Administration

How to create a ticket

To submit an improvement proposal you are encouraged to create a ticket by using

DRILLING New drilling proposal

PRODUCTION New production proposal

Make sure to read the section below to assure a valid request registration. The following input fields are mandatory:

  1. Summary, - title of request/proposal
  2. Reporter, - fill in personal mail address
  3. Description of request/proposal
  4. Type - select appropriate (see below)
  5. Component - select appropriate (see below)

Please do not edit fields which are not listed above.

Type selection:
You have 3 options for type selection related to the type of proposal you are making:

  • Defect
  • Change existing
  • Extension

Component selection:
For drilling the default component is DDR.
For all proposals that relate to production there is a choice between

  • DPR (Daily Production Report)
  • MPR (Monthly Production Report)

The component is related to the report to which you are referring in your proposal.

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